5G Open Innovation Lab Launches KhasmX to Connect Innovation with Enterprise

The 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab) proudly announces the launch of KhasmX, a new business unit dedicated to experimenting with innovative platforms, business models, and facilitating engagements between startups and enterprises. This exciting announcement coincides with the organization’s annual Summer Social event, featuring a panel discussion led by 5G OI Lab CEO Jim Brisimitzis. The panel included distinguished industry leaders such as Chetan Sharma, General Manager of Chetan Sharma Consulting, Zack Thomas, Chief Operations Officer and Vice President at Washington United Terminals, and Tejas Rao, Managing Director & Global 5G Offering Lead at Accenture.

“We excel at hands-on innovation and pushing industry boundaries,” said Jim Brisimitzis, CEO of 5G OI Lab. “KhasmX, our new skunkworks lab, is dedicated to exploring and validating the potential of emerging technologies, trialing new business models, and developing platforms that can reshape industries, ultimately bridging the chasm between startups and enterprises.”

Launch of KhasmX

KhasmX is designed to support rapid “innovation sandboxing” across the 5G OI Lab ecosystem. By leveraging a proven proof-of-concept approach, such as the recent Private 5G Network collaboration at the Tacoma Tideflats, KhasmX integrates startup technologies with enterprise platforms from 5G OI Lab ecosystem partners to deliver innovative solutions that drive value in new ways.

“Through KhasmX, we are demonstrating how startup innovation can play a key role in enterprise and industry advancements by integrating products from our partners and alumni to develop new platforms and experiment with evolving business models,” said Scott Waller, Chief Technology Officer of 5G OI Lab.

KEEN & Telco AI Cloud

Two new initiatives, KEEN and Telco AI Cloud, embody the spirit of the KhasmX announcement. These initiatives aim to address the growing demand for Private 5G and Edge platforms, as well as to explore the potential of co-locating AI edge cloud services within Telco networks.

KEEN: The KEEN platform is simple to operate and serves two primary use cases: ad hoc remote connectivity and turnkey enterprise cellular & edge networks. Being cloud-native, it can seamlessly scale from one access point to hundreds, made possible through our platform partnerships with Druid Software, Airspan Networks, and FibroLAN.

Telco AI Cloud: This consortium, composed of 5G OI Lab alumni and partners, collaborates to experiment with AI edge cloud services within Telco networks. The goal is to validate developer interest and test new business models.

Druid Software & MosoLabs Join as Ecosystem Partners

5G OI Lab is also excited to welcome Druid Software and MosoLabs as new Ecosystem Partners in support of KhasmX initiatives.

Druid Software: An industry leader in private cellular network technology, Druid Software provides an enterprise-grade core network platform to advance connectivity and enable simplified private network management. They offer the innovative, scalable, and 3GPP-compliant 5G & 4G core network platform, Raemis™, to connect applications, devices, and radio units for business and mission-critical use across all industries. Druid’s technology enables organizations to deploy private networks on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge with enhanced connectivity, robust security, exceptional reliability, and cost-efficiency. Dedicated to innovation, Druid Software drives next-generation private networks technology, offering superior performance solutions that require no advanced telecom knowledge or training while unlocking new business opportunities across all industry verticals.

Mosco Labs: A technology company specializing in cutting-edge private wireless and neutral host network solutions, Moso Labs focuses on advanced 5G and IoT connectivity. They provide robust and scalable infrastructure tailored to enterprise needs, with a product suite that includes high-performance hardware and sophisticated software platforms. Mosco Labs simplifies deployment while enhancing operational efficiency and driving digital transformation. Committed to excellence and innovation, Moso Labs empowers businesses to harness modern wireless technology for unparalleled connectivity and productivity.

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