Adtran, GLDS integrate Mosaic CP with BroadHub® for better broadband service billing

Adtran has announced a significant integration milestone, as GLDS’s BroadHub® customer management and billing platform now seamlessly works with Adtran’s Mosaic CP and SDX Series of optical line terminals (OLTs). This collaboration, rooted in a longstanding partnership, marks a pivotal advancement in automated service management. By facilitating instant adjustments to network conditions and swift responses to customer needs, this integration promises to elevate service capabilities and operational efficiencies for global service providers.

Adam Ross Hill, GLDS’s partner alliance manager, highlighted the shared commitment between the two companies to empower service providers with comprehensive solutions. He emphasized that this integration goes beyond mere connection, leveraging advanced automation to streamline billing processes, enhance subscriber management, and optimize service delivery. By eliminating cumbersome operations, significant operational savings are achieved, enabling service providers to better serve their communities.

The integration of GLDS’s BroadHub® with Adtran’s Mosaic CP and software-defined OLTs offers several advantages to service providers. It enhances customer management by enabling real-time updates and flexible billing adjustments, all within a user-friendly interface that simplifies workflow processes. Additionally, the solution boasts a scalable architecture, catering to businesses of varying sizes, from small-scale systems to expansive deployments. Together, GLDS and Adtran are empowering service providers worldwide to ensure superior service quality for subscribers, with minimal downtime and heightened network reliability.

Robert Conger, Adtran’s GM of software platforms and strategy, expressed excitement about the evolving partnership with GLDS and the transformative potential of their integrated technologies. This integration provides service providers with the tools for near-instantaneous adaptations to both network conditions and customer demands. Paired with Adtran’s flexible Mosaic CP and SDX family of OLTs, known for their high-performance capabilities and extensive reach, this solution offers substantial advantages for service providers and end-users alike. It caters to startups and scaled deployments, guaranteeing the highest service quality and enhanced reliability for communities worldwide.

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