Artemis and Boldyn Networks Showcase 700 Mbps Mobile Network in Times Square

Artemis Networks (Artemis) has joined forces with Boldyn Networks (Boldyn) to conduct a groundbreaking proof of concept for pCell technology in the iconic Times Square. The test achieved an impressive 700 Mbps data delivery in just 20 MHz of the 3.5 GHz spectrum, serving 128 unmodified phones simultaneously. This accomplishment signifies a remarkable leap, surpassing the data capacity of the fastest 5G technology operating within the same spectrum range by over 10 times.

The infrastructure employed for this demonstration includes the Artemis pCell virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN), comprising six cell-free radiohead sites seamlessly connected through 10 km of fiber to three 1U servers housed in a Boldyn edge data center. The swift installation process, taking less than an hour for each Artemis radiohead site, involved integrating connectivity with Boldyn’s NYC fiber backbone network.

In addition to the Times Square showcase, Boldyn exhibited an Artemis pCell proof of concept in a bustling New York City subway station, highlighting the adaptability of the technology in high-traffic urban environments. Boldyn had previously tested Artemis pCell in a large 27,000-seat stadium, achieving remarkable data rates exceeding 1 Gbps within the same 20 MHz spectrum.

Christos Karmis, CEO of Boldyn’s US business, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Boldyn Networks is assembling a robust portfolio of advanced technology assets and capabilities to redefine the connected future of the NYC metro area. Our commitment to the region is evident in our testing of cutting-edge technologies like Artemis pCell in dense urban, subway, and venue settings.”

The growing demand for mobile data in densely populated urban areas, subway systems, and event venues is driven by the increasing prevalence of activities such as 4K video streaming, videoconferencing, and live streaming. This demand is further amplified by emerging technologies like head-wearables, necessitating fast, consistent, and low-latency data for large numbers of users simultaneously. Artemis pCell stands out by delivering consistent, ultra-fast data rates with low latency, seamlessly compatible with existing 4G and 5G devices.

Steve Perlman, CEO of Artemis, expressed delight in the collaboration with Boldyn, emphasizing the importance of testing pCell technology in dense urban settings. He noted that as smartphone users increasingly expect flawless 4K streaming in high-density scenarios, and with the rise of streaming head-wearables, the demand for mobile data is set to skyrocket. The successful Times Square proof of concept affirms that pCell addresses both current and future dense urban mobile needs at a fraction of the conventional cost of 5G infrastructure.

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