AT&T Launches Next Up AnytimeSM for Early and Frequent Smartphone Upgrades

There’s nothing quite like the new phone feeling: the first power on, peeling off the protective film, picking out the latest case, and taking that first photo.

We want to bring that experience to our customers more often with AT&T Next Up AnytimeSM.

Why? Because our customers want the choice and flexibility to get the newest phones when they want. Whether it’s a cool new feature like AI, a foldable device, or a sleeker design, we want to make it easy for our customers to upgrade earlier and more often.

That’s why AT&T redesigned its early upgrade program, giving tech lovers the freedom to upgrade their phone anytime.

With AT&T Next Up Anytime, customers can:

  • Upgrade to the latest phone once 33% or more of their current phone is paid off.
  • Upgrade as soon as one installment payment and the first Next Up Anytime payment are made.
  • Upgrade up to three times per year.

We’ve leveled up, making AT&T Next Up Anytime a competitive upgrade option with frequent and flexible upgrades offered on all our wireless plans.

Starting July 16, all customers need to do is sign up for the AT&T Installment Plan and include Next Up Anytime for an additional $10 per month when they purchase a smartphone. Once it’s on their plan and stays active, they’ll be set to get the latest smartphones every year.

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