DISH Media Introduces Pause Ads, Enhancing Interactive and Customized Advertising on Sling TV

DISH Media, a leader in impression-based TV advertising, has unveiled Pause Ads, a new ad format designed to engage viewers on Sling TV in a non-disruptive way. Starting today, advertisers can reach Sling TV viewers when they pause live or on-demand content.

Pause Ads offer advertisers a chance to engage audiences in a clutter-free environment with 100% share of voice. This format utilizes viewers’ self-initiated breaks to capture attention and effectively deliver an advertiser’s message. Advertisers also have the creative flexibility to use either video content or static graphics.

“We are always looking to provide advertisers with the most effective, full-funnel ad solutions,” said Tom Fochetta, senior vice president of DISH Media. “Pause Ads introduce an additional opportunity for advertisers to leverage our first-party data and Sling TV’s robust targeting capabilities to create highly compelling and interactive ad experiences.”

Sling TV offers the best value and flexibility for top live sports, news, and entertainment channels, reaching millions of monthly viewers, including cord-cutters and a younger demographic that may not be accessible through traditional linear TV. According to a recent campaign measurement report, 85% of households reached by Sling TV were not exposed to a traditional linear TV campaign. Pause Ads provide a new way for advertisers to connect with this valuable and often elusive audience. By adding a QR code to Pause Ads, viewers have a direct pathway to interact with the advertised products or services. This e-commerce component allows viewers to quickly learn more about a product, view pricing details, and make purchases with a simple scan. These ads load 10 seconds after a viewer-initiated pause and disappear when content is resumed, ensuring a seamless and non-intrusive viewing experience.

This announcement complements DISH Media’s ongoing partnership with BrightLine, which introduced interactive ad units on Sling TV that engage audiences with scrollers, games, QR codes, and tailored content based on viewer location. The addition of Pause Ads further expands DISH Media’s innovative ad offerings, providing more dynamic and effective solutions for advertisers to connect with audiences and drive action.

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