DISH TV and Hughes Launch First Bundled Service for Rural Connectivity and Entertainment

DISH Network and Hughes Network Systems, both EchoStar companies (Nasdaq: SATS), have announced a new bundled service that combines DISH satellite TV with HughesNet® satellite internet, providing an enhanced TV and internet solution for rural America. In today’s connected world, having access to quality entertainment and reliable internet is essential, and this partnership between DISH and HughesNet addresses the needs of rural households often left with limited options.

This new bundle allows rural consumers to enjoy top-rated TV programming along with high-speed internet, regardless of their location. By integrating the DISH Hopper® whole-home DVR entertainment system with HughesNet’s services, powered by the JUPITER™ 3 satellite—the most advanced commercial communications satellite—residents in even the most remote areas can experience exceptional digital services. HughesNet, recognized by U.S. News & World Report 360 Reviews as the Best Satellite Internet Service Provider of 2024 and a top choice for rural areas, combined with DISH, offers households an enhanced way to connect, stream, and play, providing superior coverage and performance throughout the home.

“Our mission at DISH has always been to serve rural America and change the way the world communicates, and now that focus is supercharged,” said Gary Schanman, Executive Vice President and Group President, DISH Video Services. “We now offer more capabilities, products, services, and complementary brands, giving our customers more options no matter where they live.”

The new HughesNet service plans in the bundle, powered by the JUPITER 3 satellite, offer speeds of up to 100 Mbps, unlimited data, and powerful Wi-Fi, enabling customers to enjoy video streaming, music downloads, video conferencing, gaming, and more.

“Combining Hughes and DISH technologies, innovation, and leadership enhances our strategic alignment with a focus on rural American homes,” said Paul Gaske, Chief Operating Officer, Hughes. “Rural customers have traditionally had limited TV and internet options. DISH and Hughes are overcoming these challenges by advancing connectivity in rural communities to provide the best value in TV and internet.”

New customers who subscribe to both DISH TV and HughesNet internet services will receive a $5 monthly discount on each service.

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