EchoStar Mobile and Actility Extend LoRaWAN IoT Coverage Partnership with Swisscom

Today, EchoStar Mobile Limited, a subsidiary of EchoStar (Nasdaq: SATS), has announced a collaboration with Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading ICT company, to enhance its LoRaWAN IoT coverage across Europe. Swisscom has chosen EchoStar Mobile and Actility to expand its IoT footprint, leveraging satellite connectivity provided by EchoStar Mobile and interworking functions from Actility’s ThingPark Exchange roaming hub.

“Satellite connectivity serves as a powerful complement to our terrestrial LoRaWAN network, enabling IoT device connectivity across borders and in economically challenging rural areas,” said Fredy Portmann, Head of Connected Business Solutions at Swisscom. “By seamlessly integrating EchoStar’s connectivity into our Swisscom Connectivity Management Platform, we empower our customers to deploy devices and access truly borderless IoT connectivity. This collaboration expands our network’s reach, offering unprecedented opportunities for businesses in a globally connected world.”

Previously relying solely on terrestrial connectivity for IoT managed solutions like smart metering, environmental monitoring, tracking, agriculture, and smart buildings, Swisscom now integrates both terrestrial and satellite networks, facilitated through Actility’s ThingPark Exchange roaming hub.

“EchoStar Mobile brings together technological expertise and satellite capacity to support Swisscom in expanding its LoRaWAN IoT footprint across Europe, serving diverse industries and geographical regions,” said Telemaco Melia, VP and GM of EchoStar Mobile. “These capabilities enable Swisscom customers to harness the full potential of connected IoT ecosystems on a scalable, cross-border basis.”

EchoStar Mobile’s pan-European LoRa®-enabled IoT network combines the low-power, long-range capabilities of LoRa® with EchoStar Mobile’s robust satellite coverage, offering a direct-to-satellite network solution that enhances IoT possibilities across industries. EchoStar Mobile will provide Swisscom with multi-year IoT satellite connectivity services.

“ThingPark Exchange, our roaming hub, is trusted by LPWAN network operators to facilitate seamless interconnections with other public, private, and community networks,” noted Alper Yegin, CTO of Actility. “As a longstanding technology partner for Swisscom, we are pleased that they have chosen our platform, alongside EchoStar Mobile’s satellite capacity, to deliver reliable, seamless pan-European roaming services.”

This collaboration underscores EchoStar Mobile and Actility’s commitment to advancing IoT connectivity capabilities, supporting Swisscom in delivering enhanced IoT solutions across Europe’s diverse landscape.

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