FPT’s Maiden Acquisition in Japan: Securing Full Ownership of Next Advanced Communications (NAC)

FPT Corporation (FPT) has recently completed the acquisition of Next Advanced Communications NAC Co., Ltd. (NAC), marking its inaugural merger and acquisition (M&A) endeavor in Japan. This strategic move signifies FPT’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Japanese market, with NAC now operating as a fully-owned subsidiary under FPT.

By integrating NAC into its fold, FPT aims to augment its customer base and broaden its service portfolio, thereby strengthening its position within the Japanese market. NAC brings to the table a talented pool of approximately 300 engineers, along with extensive expertise in technology and business consulting, system planning, design, development, and operations. Leveraging these resources, FPT aspires to achieve a revenue target of one billion USD from the Japanese market by 2027, with over half of its workforce in Japan being multinational employees.

The acquisition of NAC aligns with FPT’s overarching strategy of global expansion, enabling the company to address the pressing challenges faced by Japanese businesses in their digital transformation journey. With Japan grappling with issues such as an ageing population, a scarcity of ICT professionals, and the complexity of existing systems, FPT aims to provide comprehensive solutions and support to facilitate seamless digital and green transformations for its clients.

Do Van Khac, FPT Software Senior Executive Vice President and FPT Japan CEO, emphasized the shared vision of both FPT and NAC in leveraging technology to tackle societal challenges and promote sustainability. He underscored FPT’s commitment to fostering a multicultural work environment and facilitating collaboration with local companies to ensure business continuity amidst geopolitical uncertainties.

Naoto Yamazaki, Chairman of NAC, expressed optimism about the partnership, envisioning accelerated growth and enhanced synergy between NAC and FPT under the new arrangement. He highlighted their collective ambition to contribute meaningfully to society through their combined efforts.

This landmark acquisition represents a significant milestone in FPT’s journey in Japan, supplementing its existing presence in the country, which includes a workforce of nearly 2,900 onsite employees, backed by over 15,000 employees working remotely. FPT Japan has garnered recognition for its exemplary employee benefits and workplace culture, further solidifying its position as a leading tech firm in Japan.

With this strategic move, FPT reinforces its long-term commitment to the Japanese market, setting the stage for future M&A activities and consolidating its position as a key player in the global technology landscape.

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