Hiya Launches Global Solution for Spam-Free Business Calls

Hiya, a prominent player in the field of voice security, has introduced Hiya Registration, a complimentary solution designed to assist businesses in ensuring that calls align with consumer preferences and legal requirements, free from spam or disruptive labeling or blocking on mobile networks worldwide. This innovative offering is an integral component of the recently launched Hiya Business Suite, a comprehensive set of voice performance and security solutions catering to businesses of all sizes.

Given the escalating prevalence of phone scams and automated calls, telecom providers increasingly rely on spam analytics providers to identify and block calls, safeguarding their customers. However, this protective measure comes at a substantial cost to consumers, with the average victim of phone fraud losing $431 in the United States and $366 globally in 2022. As carriers intensify their efforts against malicious actors to protect consumers, genuine businesses run the risk of being incorrectly labeled as spam or nuisances. Hiya Registration addresses this challenge by providing businesses with a means to authenticate themselves on mobile networks where calls are subject to spam or nuisance labeling. Already, hundreds of thousands of businesses globally have registered their numbers through Hiya, with the trend continuing as consumer spam protections gain widespread adoption.

Distinguished as the telecom industry’s pioneering and exclusive global SaaS-based phone number registration product, Hiya Registration stands out for being both free and offering comprehensive self-service number management and transparency. This represents a substantial advancement for businesses already registered with Hiya. Through Hiya Registration, businesses undergo validation and registration on the Hiya Voice Security Network, safeguarding 450 million users and utilized by major carriers globally, including prominent names such as Rogers, EE, Virgin Media O2, Telenor, and Samsung. The platform empowers businesses to directly manage their numbers within Hiya Registration, providing the flexibility to add, remove, and monitor the registration status of any number at any time.

CEO of Hiya, Alex Algard, emphasized the necessity for a genuinely free, enterprise-scale service that functions seamlessly across countries and mobile networks, allowing businesses to take control of their calling reputation through responsible and consumer-centric practices. Hiya Registration stands as a testament to this philosophy.

Customers appreciate the user-friendly and transparent nature of Hiya’s solutions. According to a TechValidate survey of Hiya Connect users, 62% of contact center leaders cited ease of use as a decisive factor in choosing Hiya over other solutions, while 33% valued the analytics functionality.

Hiya Registration, alongside Hiya Connect, is now available in the Hiya Business Suite. Businesses can register for free with Hiya Registration, with the option to incorporate Hiya Connect branded calling into their accounts in the future.

An Early Access program for Hiya Registration and the Hiya Business Suite is currently open for qualified businesses, offering them an opportunity to learn more and request participation in the program. Interested businesses can find further information and submit their requests through the provided link.

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