Mavenir & AWS Team Up for Next-Gen Telco Cloud Networks

Mavenir, a leading provider of cloud-native network infrastructure shaping the future of networks, has officially announced a groundbreaking Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) set to revolutionize the deployment of telecom workloads on AWS. This strategic alliance will see both companies working closely to optimize Mavenir’s technology within the AWS ecosystem, aiming to streamline the development, testing, integration, and application of cloud-native solutions. By leveraging AWS’s high availability, scalability, and security features, the collaboration aims to introduce a new telco-grade deployment model that promises to redefine how operators roll out 5G, IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), Radio Access Network (RAN), and future network technologies.

Under this agreement, Mavenir and AWS will jointly invest in enhancing functionalities like dynamic autoscaling, automation, and reliability enhancements tailored for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), facilitating their migration to AWS infrastructure.

Bejoy Pankajakshan, EVP, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at Mavenir, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the potential to harness the adaptability of telco workloads through the attributes of the public cloud. He emphasized the partnership’s commitment to delivering optimized solutions for operators, ensuring swift deployment and a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership. Pankajakshan believes this partnership will bring about transformative changes in the telco industry, paving the way for innovative, scalable, and secure cloud-native services.

The collaboration extends beyond technical integration, with a focus on accelerating market adoption. Aniruddho Basu, EVP of Emerging Business and Partnerships at Mavenir, emphasized the joint effort to drive market development. By leveraging their combined market channels and customer reach, the partnership aims to rapidly introduce cloud-based network solutions to telcos worldwide, unlocking their full potential and benefits.

Mavenir’s cloud-native and containerized approach, combined with AWS’s cloud capabilities, creates a strategic alignment that enables telecom operators and enterprises to explore new business models. By simplifying network deployment, reducing total cost of ownership, and automating operations, cloud-based solutions empower telco operators to evolve their traditional business models, increase profitability, and introduce innovative products to consumer and enterprise customers.

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