NTUC Collaborates with Singtel to Improve Connectivity and Enhance Members’ Digital Accessibility

Singtel and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance connectivity for NTUC’s 1.3 million members, focusing on youths and professionals, managers, and executives (PMEs). Over the next five years, Singtel will invest over $5 million to offer free or subsidized connectivity to retrenched and low-income NTUC members and provide digital literacy training to prepare members against scams.

NTUC Secretary-General Mr. Ng Chee Meng stated, “Since 1961, NTUC has been dedicated to supporting workers in Singapore. In today’s digitally connected world, we are thrilled to partner with Singtel to ensure our members and their families have access to digital services that enable them to thrive. NTUC remains committed to meeting our members’ needs in work, life, and play, ensuring no one is left behind in Singapore’s progress.”

Singtel Singapore CEO Mr. Ng Tian Chong said, “This collaboration is meaningful for Singtel because, like NTUC, we are committed to supporting communities in Singapore. As a homegrown technology company, we provide connectivity across all society segments, enabling access to digital tools, job opportunities, and education. This partnership allows Singtel to extend its support to NTUC members, equipping them with essential knowledge and skills to succeed in an evolving digital landscape.”

Enhanced Connectivity Support for All Members All NTUC members will enjoy exclusive offers and discounts on Singtel’s mobile, broadband, and TV services. These offers aim to make Singtel’s top-tier services more affordable and accessible. Highlights include significant savings on phone plans and broadband services, plus a complimentary Red membership for one year, resulting in total savings of up to $500. New NTUC and Singtel customers can sign up easily through a streamlined process incorporating membership fees into their Singtel bills.

NTUC’s Care and Share programs currently assist 10,000 lower-income members and their families annually. Over the next five years, Singtel will provide free connectivity for up to 6,000 such members, ensuring they remain digitally connected and can access educational resources.

To support NTUC members facing retrenchment, Singtel will offer subsidized mobile, broadband, and TV subscription plans to up to 50,000 retrenched members and young seniors. This support will help them maintain digital connectivity, access online training and essential services, and seek employment opportunities.

Championing Digital Literacy and Scam Awareness As part of the collaboration, up to 500,000 members from the PME and migrant worker segments will receive digital literacy and scam awareness training. This initiative aims to equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to handle complex scams and protect their personal data.

Additionally, the alliance will offer more volunteer opportunities for NTUC members and Singtel staff, including participation in events such as Singtel’s annual Carnival for special needs students.

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