P0 Security Raises$ 5 Million in Seed Backing to Secure Access for Cloud individualities

P0 Security, the company erecting the assiduity’s first unified result to secure pall access and inventor entitlements, moment blazoned it has secured$ 5 million in seed backing, led by Lightspeed Venture mates, SV Angel, and multiple angel investors. With this, the company is also publicizing the general vacuity of its flagship product for security interpreters, to secure pall access. In doing so, P0 Security is targeting those associations that find that a traditional network border can not secure their pall-native structure and aims to help them secure critical services and data.
With its new backing, P0 Security plans to make out its result with fresh functionality and bring it to request.

“ furnishing secure access to the pall has constantly ranked as one of the foremost enterprises across CISOs, ” said Raviraj Jain, mate at Lightspeed Venture mates. “ This problem is only getting worse with the adding complexity of pall structure. With their background, we believe that the P0 platoon has a unique occasion to break this critical problem in a well- discerned manner. In lower than a time, they’ve assembled a fantastic platoon and are working with several paying guests, who absolutely love their product. We’re proud to lead their seed investment, and believe they’ve a massive request available to them. ”

P0 Security Securing Cloud Access

The shift toward pall-native app development has swung numerous benefits for inventors, including scalability, resiliency, and accelerated product development. But pall complications have also presented challenges for security brigades. A network border — a longtime chief to secure on- demesne structure — is not robust enough to secure pall structure for several reasons. First, whereas preliminarily substantially mortal druggies penetrated structure from a single position, now, mortal and hundreds of machine druggies( or service accounts) can pierce structure from multiple locales and bias. Second, an association’s critical coffers are spread across multiple shadows, with hundreds of microservices interacting with thousands of deciduous coffers. And third, the number of services handed by each pall provider has exploded, making security using heritage approaches delicate.

All of this has conspired to make architectures more vulnerable than ever ahead, with identity as the crucial pall access point for security incidents. In fact, according to Cloudstrike’s 2023 Cloud Risk Report, 47 of critical misconfigurations in the pall are related to poor identity and annuity practices. That’s why controlling pall access for all individualities is the path forward for moment’s associations.

In an attempt to break this problem, utmost associations use a patchwork of point results. For case, they may use a CNAPP or CIEM result for identity visibility, a PAM result for controlling privileged access, and yet another for controlling service account keys, etc. This fails to break the access security problem, because of a couple of reasons. originally, numerous tools aren’t espoused by associations primarily due to engineering pushback. Secondly, utmost of these tools were erected for simpler structure, and fail to directly erect together the complexity in pall-native access.

P0 Security is the first result to give security masterminds a unified immolation to secure pall access for all individualities, without impacting inventor productivity. Out of the box, P0 Security’s result provides deep visibility into which individualities — whether mortal or machine — have inordinate and conceivably dangerous warrants to sensitive pall coffers similar as virtual machines, storehouse pails, pall services, or product Kubernetes clusters. Security masterminds can use P0’s dashboard to right- size places and warrants for all individualities and identify attack paths to critical coffers. Security brigades can use P0 Security to automate honor access escalations masterminds can use P0’s Slackbot to request just- by- time and time- bound, break- glass access to grainy pall coffers. This robotization reduces the average blessing times from hours to bare twinkles across guests.

“ P0 is a game- changer, ” said Eugene Yedvabny, elderly staff software mastermind at Afresh. “ preliminarily, to give masterminds safe access to critical coffers in Snowflake and Kubernetes, we created a patchwork of stationary groups and places, used Azure PIM to give escalated access, and spent a lot of time managing group class. We had to choose between access granularity and ease of use. P0 gives us the stylish of both worlds by scoping warrants exactly to what our druggies need, when they need it. I sleep well at night knowing that long- standing escalated access isn’t lurking in any group. Most importantly, the inventor experience with P0 is amazing. Unlike utmost security products, where it’s veritably hard to drive mastermind relinquishment, the ROI on P0 is clear and nearly immediate. ”

Sumeet Khullar, VP of Engineering at Level AI, said, “ We store sensitive client data in GCP pall Storage pails. P0 is a charge-critical tool for us to control which masterminds and service accounts have access to this data, and for our masterminds to request just- by- time and short- lived access to these pails for their diurnal work. P0’s relinquishment was flawless, and it’s extensively used in our association. ”

“ Companies understand the limits of their network border against the background of adding pall-native app development, paving the way for P0 Security, ” said Shashwat Sehgal, CEO andCo-founder of P0 Security. “ With seed backing and the GA of our result, P0 Security is the first to address a critical need among businesses for a unified result to secure access in a pall-native terrain. We believe that secure access is always a precedence- zero problem for security brigades, and we want to give them tools to break it. ”

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