Royal Jordanian Airlines Upgrades In-flight Wi-Fi with Viasat Technology

Royal Jordanian Airlines (RJ) and Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a renowned leader in satellite communications, have announced a pivotal decision to prioritize high-speed Wi-Fi to elevate the future passenger experience. The airline has chosen Viasat’s cutting-edge in-flight connectivity (IFC) solution for deployment across its extensive fleet. Aligning with its strategic vision of fleet expansion and modernization, Royal Jordanian Airlines is set to outfit over 40 aircraft with Viasat connectivity systems. This includes the integration of the system into its new Embraer E2, Airbus A320, Airbus 321, and Boeing 787-9 fleets, with plans for retrofitting its Boeing 787-8 widebody aircraft with this advanced Wi-Fi solution.

The implementation of this connectivity service is poised to offer passengers an unparalleled online experience, characterized by fast internet speeds, streaming entertainment options, real-time communication facilities, and productivity tools aimed at ensuring seamless connectivity for passengers and crew throughout their journey. Viasat’s state-of-the-art in-flight Wi-Fi will be accessible on various flight routes spanning the Middle East region and beyond. The short-haul flights will be serviced by the Embraer E2 fleet, while the Airbus A320 family aircraft will cater to medium-haul routes, and the Boeing 787s will continue to operate Royal Jordanian Airlines’ long-haul routes.

Samer Majali, Vice Chairman/Board Designee CEO of Royal Jordanian Airlines, emphasized the commitment to providing passengers with an exceptional in-flight experience. Majali expressed excitement about introducing high-speed streaming Wi-Fi on new fleets and retrofitting existing aircraft, envisioning an enhanced entertainment experience for passengers. He eagerly anticipated the debut of Wi-Fi on board the E2 Embraer Jets, scheduled for the end of the month.

Don Buchman, VP and GM of Commercial Aviation at Viasat, lauded the collaboration with Royal Jordanian Airlines to elevate the passenger experience. Buchman underscored the company’s dedication to delivering a next-level experience through fast and resilient connectivity across Royal Jordanian Airlines’ network.

The adoption of Viasat’s IFC solution is gaining momentum globally, owing to its focus on the aviation market and its ability to scale capacity to meet demand effectively. This partnership between Viasat and Royal Jordanian Airlines aims to provide a consistently high-quality, high-speed, and content-rich in-flight Wi-Fi experience, even during peak demand periods.

With anticipated flight routes spanning the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa, Royal Jordanian Airlines is set to leverage Viasat’s high-speed, high-capacity Ka-band satellite network, including the forthcoming ViaSat-3 constellation, once operational.

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