T-Mobile Enhances SailGP NYC Race Using State-of-the-Art 5G Technology

T-Mobile and SailGP have joined forces to elevate the Mubadala New York Sail Grand Prix at Governors Island on June 22–23 with cutting-edge 5G technology. T-Mobile’s 5G Advanced Network Solutions (ANS) will power the event, enabling real-time data transmission, enhancing fan engagement, and transforming how audiences experience high-speed sailing.

Callie Field, President of T-Mobile Business Group, expressed excitement about the collaboration: “T-Mobile is thrilled to bring America’s fastest 5G network to SailGP, enhancing the spectator experience over New York Harbor. Our 5G-powered cameras will capture unprecedented views, including footage from beneath boats speeding across the water, streamed live for an immersive broadcast. This partnership marks another milestone in leveraging 5G to redefine fan experiences and live event operations.”

As SailGP’s exclusive U.S. 5G partner, T-Mobile is introducing advanced technologies to make this year’s race more technologically advanced and viewer-friendly. Deploying 5G ANS with network slicing and private networks, T-Mobile ensures robust coverage across land and water, facilitating real-time data transmission crucial for event operations.

The innovative solution minimizes coverage gaps, enhances reliability, and accelerates data speeds, providing dynamic race views from various vantage points. T-Mobile and SailGP are piloting network slicing to prioritize bandwidth for 5G cameras in live broadcasts and data transmission from SailGP’s F50 catamarans to coaches and athletes.

Viewers at home will enjoy an unprecedented viewing experience with more high-definition cameras deployed through T-Mobile’s 5G hybrid network, including the new Foil Cam, showcasing the race’s exhilarating speed.

Warren Jones, SailGP’s Chief Technology Officer, emphasized the challenges and creativity involved: “Operating in New York City’s complex network topology and maritime environment demands exceptional engineering. T-Mobile’s partnership allows us to innovate under challenging conditions, ensuring an unparalleled experience for fans, athletes, coaches, and operational teams.”

Attendees at Governors Island and global fans will benefit from:

  • Enhanced race views: 5G-powered cameras beneath all 10 boats offer new perspectives on foiling and high speeds. Additional HD wireless cameras via T-Mobile’s 5G hybrid network expand coverage, complementing existing POV broadcasts.
  • Real-time audio: T-Mobile introduces live race audio streaming, providing fans on chase boats with athlete communications through 5G-powered headsets.

T-Mobile for Business, as SailGP’s official U.S. 5G partner, will feature prominently at the SailGP Season 4 Grand Final in San Francisco on July 13-14 and supports the U.S. SailGP Team.

Mike Buckley, U.S. SailGP Team athlete and Team CEO, highlighted T-Mobile’s role in enhancing real-time data sharing during races: “T-Mobile’s network enhances critical data exchanges between our team members, ensuring optimal performance on the water. SailGP’s open data policy leverages valuable insights for competitive advantage.”

U.S. viewers can watch the New York race live on the SailGP YouTube channel and CBS Sports Network at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday and Sunday.

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