T-Mobile Finishes $163M Network Upgrades in Arkansas

In a significant legislative hearing held at the state capitol today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) proudly announced the completion of its extensive multi-year 5G network investment, amounting to over $163 million across Arkansas. This substantial initiative opens up a realm of new opportunities for local businesses, educational institutions, healthcare providers, first responders, and all users within T-Mobile’s network, thanks to the transformative enhancements in 5G technology.

Over the span of three years, T-Mobile has poured substantial resources into enhancing its network infrastructure across Arkansas, resulting in coverage for over 2.9 million Arkansans with 5G capabilities and extending Ultra Capacity 5G (5G UC) network access to 2.2 million individuals. Notably, this marks a remarkable 260% surge in 5G UC coverage within just three years.

Ulf Ewaldsson, President of Technology at T-Mobile, underscored the company’s commitment to democratizing access to fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity, asserting, “As pioneers in 5G technology, it is incumbent upon us to ensure universal access. Our sustained endeavor to bolster 5G connectivity throughout Arkansas epitomizes our unwavering commitment to extending our 5G footprint across the nation, regardless of geographic location.”

The comprehensive network enhancements encompass newly deployed 5G coverage and capacity upgrades, encompassing the establishment of 170 new cell sites and the modernization of over 450 existing sites. Statewide, T-Mobile now blankets 97% of interstate highways, U.S. highways, and state routes across Arkansas with 5G service, ensuring widespread accessibility and connectivity.

Senator Mark Johnson, Chairman of the Senate Transportation, Technology and Legislative Affairs Committee, lauded T-Mobile’s efforts, emphasizing the profound impact of high-speed 5G connectivity on societal connectivity, educational access, and economic growth. He commended T-Mobile and other 5G providers for their steadfast dedication to Arkansas, which moves the state closer to bridging the digital divide.

Representative Stephen Meeks, Chairman of the House Advanced Communications and Information Technology Committee, echoed similar sentiments, asserting that 5G technology heralds a new era of connectivity for Arkansas, fostering efficiency in business operations, expanding educational opportunities, and aligning with the evolving needs of modern users. He hailed T-Mobile’s expanded network capabilities as a catalyst propelling Arkansas towards its potential as a trailblazer in innovation.

T-Mobile’s introduction of 5G Home Internet underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing connectivity in Arkansas. Leveraging its cutting-edge 5G network, T-Mobile now offers a reliable and affordable alternative for home and business internet, extending coverage to 40% of households in Arkansas, equating to over 600,000 homes. Additionally, T-Mobile streamlines business internet solutions, facilitating seamless connectivity for businesses nationwide.

The expansion doesn’t stop at network enhancements; T-Mobile has also bolstered its retail presence in Arkansas. Since 2021, T-Mobile has inaugurated 25 new corporate retail locations across the state, with two additional stores slated to open this year in Magnolia and Berryville, generating 120 new employment opportunities.

Moreover, T-Mobile’s commitment to Arkansas extends beyond network and retail expansions, encompassing initiatives designed to empower communities and address societal needs. Through initiatives like Hometown Grants and Project 10Million, T-Mobile is revitalizing small towns, bridging the digital divide in education, and empowering first responders through programs like Connecting Heroes.

T-Mobile’s unwavering dedication to network resilience and disaster preparedness further solidifies its position as a leader in 5G technology. With increased investments in network hardening and the expansion of disaster response capabilities, T-Mobile is ensuring uninterrupted service delivery, particularly during critical moments such as severe weather events.

T-Mobile’s strides in Arkansas are emblematic of its status as the foremost authority in 5G technology. With the country’s largest, fastest, and most acclaimed 5G network, T-Mobile’s coverage spans over 330 million people across two million square miles, surpassing competitors in both coverage and performance. As T-Mobile continues to push boundaries and redefine connectivity standards, its leadership in 5G remains unrivaled, propelling the nation towards a future defined by seamless connectivity and innovation.

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