Telenet Unveils Smart Home Charging with Blossom

Blossom, operating as an independent entity within the Telenet Group, is set to embark on its primary mission: the installation and activation of smart charging stations in residences, initially targeting employees of various companies. Collaborating with partners like Scoptvision, Optimile, and Unit-T, Blossom aims to spearhead the transition to electric vehicles, a trend projected to see 1.7 million electric vehicles on Belgian roads by 2030, predominantly in the commercial sector.

This surge in electric vehicle adoption necessitates an extensive charging infrastructure across public spaces, workplaces, destinations, and homes. A Deloitte study indicates that 65% of charging will occur at home, driving the need for approximately 800,000 home charging stations by the decade’s end.

Blossom seeks to streamline the customer experience by offering comprehensive charging solutions tailored to individual preferences, such as solar power utilization, peak usage optimization, and eventually dynamic rate adjustments. Leveraging Telenet’s expertise in smart and connected services for households, Blossom collaborates with partners like Scoptvision and Optimile to develop these innovative solutions.

Scheduled for launch on April 1, Blossom will see Telenet transition its entire fleet of company vehicles to the new platform in the ensuing months. Additionally, a pilot project with a segment of the BNP Paribas Fortis fleet marks an encouraging step forward.

John Porter, Telenet’s CEO, expresses enthusiasm for this innovation, positioning Blossom alongside previous initiatives like The Park, Doccle, and Itsme. By capitalizing on the ongoing digital transformation and the rapid electrification of mobility, Telenet aims to simplify home charging station installation and management through an intuitive digital platform, benefiting both employees and employers.

Dann Rogge, Blossom’s General Manager, anticipates the launch with a robust growth strategy, emphasizing persistent innovation and unwavering customer focus. With a collaborative mindset embodied by Telenet’s ethos of “partners in life, for life,” Blossom aims to capitalize on growth opportunities with conviction and enthusiasm.

Laurent Loncke, Head of Retail at Banking BNP Paribas Fortis, highlights the bank’s commitment to supporting low-carbon mobility transitions. Participating in Blossom’s pilot project reflects the bank’s dedication to offering comprehensive mobility solutions beyond traditional banking services, fostering an ecosystem tailored to Belgium’s unique needs. This partnership underscores a collective effort to drive innovation and provide guidance throughout the transition to sustainable mobility.

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