True Corporation Boosts 5G Network for the Chinese New Year

In anticipation of the auspicious Chinese New Year, True Corporation is enhancing its mobile network capacity to accommodate peak usage during festive events throughout Thailand in February. The company is ensuring optimal 5G and 4G coverage and connectivity speeds, backed by 24-hour real-time monitoring and the deployment of mobile and temporary network sites. This initiative is designed to cater to the needs of over 50 million True and dtac subscribers across the country.

Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer of True Corporation PLC, emphasized the commitment to delivering high-quality mobile services for TrueMove H and dtac subscribers. With the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities, particularly the peak days on Feb 8-10, being significant for many Thai people and attracting numerous overseas visitors, the network has been bolstered to ensure efficient coverage for all subscribers.

A dedicated team of engineers is conducting real-time 24/7 monitoring of network operations for True, dtac, and True Online subscribers nationwide. The data gathered from this monitoring is crucial in addressing customer needs and ensuring a smooth user experience throughout the festive period.

True Corporation has strategically assembled teams in network operations, data analytics, regional operations, and call centers to collaborate in providing exceptional customer experiences. Additionally, special network teams have been deployed to major Chinese New Year festival events nationwide to guarantee network readiness.

Efforts to enhance network efficiency during the Chinese New Year festival include:

  1. Operating mobile cell sites at popular Chinese New Year hotspots.
  2. Installing temporary cell sites at major events, concerts, and festivals nationwide.
  3. Optimizing event parameters to suit mobile phone usage during the Chinese New Year.
  4. Deploying special teams to key events and sites to ensure optimal network coverage.

Expansion of 5G and 4G coverage is planned for major Chinese New Year events across the country, including festivals in Bangkok, Nakhon Sawan province, Suphan Buri province, Udon Thani province, Chon Buri province, and Song Khla province. Furthermore, True Corporation is extending its network enhancements to other major events and festivities throughout February to ensure optimal coverage across Thailand.

These major festivals include the Blooming Cotton Festival in Loei province, Mon Hak Chiang Khan Festival in Loei province, Boon Berk Fah Festival & Red Cross Fair in Maha Sarakham province, Phrathat Na Doon Worship Days in Maha Sarakham province, Phrathat Phanom Worship Days in Nakhon Phanom province, Mystic Valley Music Festival in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Rim Pha Music Festival in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Chiang Neua Music Festival Phase 2 in Khon Kaen province, Makha Puranami Bucha-Thung Isan festival in Kalasin province, International Balloon Festival in Chiang Rai province, Somthip Music Festival in Ratcha Buri province, King Narai The Great Celebration in Lop Buri province, Wat Phluang Buddha’s Footprint Worship Days in Khao Khitchakut district, Chantha Buri province, and Ngan Kan Krang Jed Neekrung To The Universe Festival in Pattaya, Chon Buri province.

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