Viasat & Videosoft Global Partner for Prime Video Streaming in Velaris

Viasat, Inc., a global communications company, is pleased to announce the inclusion of Videosoft Global in its Velaris Partner Network. Videosoft Global specializes in adaptive encoding and secure real-time video transmission over wireless networks.

This partnership aims to enhance real-time video streaming capabilities over satellite communications, ensuring reliable communication for ground crews in areas with poor terrestrial coverage or challenging network environments. The collaboration is particularly valuable in demanding scenarios, such as search and rescue operations, where Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can swiftly provide video feeds without compromising safety, offering an improved situational awareness experience in some of the world’s toughest environments.

The technology extends its utility to scenarios like real-time onboard monitoring of passengers for increased comfort and safety. This system establishes communication with ground-based control centers and vertiports, catering to the evolving air taxi market.

Beyond providing eyes and ears to uncrewed platforms, Videosoft Global’s technology is notable for delivering high-quality video at significantly lower data costs. Traditional live video streaming often incurs substantial bandwidth usage and data costs. Videosoft’s technology stands out by employing adaptive video compression and transmission, allowing streaming from as low as 4kbps. This not only minimizes data consumption but also expands operational coverage.

For aviation operators, the integration process becomes more straightforward and faster, thanks to Videosoft Global’s ‘plug and play’ software. This software seamlessly operates on Viasat’s compact Velaris satcom terminal, known for its low size, weight, and power characteristics, developed in collaboration with Gotonomi. These terminals establish a secure datalink between vehicles, remote operators, and UAV Traffic Management (UTM) systems, leveraging Viasat’s resilient, global L-band satellite network.

The combination of lightweight hardware solutions and edge-compute capabilities facilitates faster software integration, streamlined installations, and reduced latency. Joel Klooster, SVP Flight Safety and AAM at Viasat, emphasized the strength and growth of the Velaris Partner Network, highlighting the strategic vision to embed edge-compute capabilities within terminal hardware for the benefit of software partners and end-users.

Stewart McCone, CEO at Videosoft Global, expressed gratitude for joining Viasat’s esteemed Velaris Partner Network. McCone highlighted the importance of bringing robust, secure, and uninterrupted video streaming software to Viasat’s customers and partners, contributing to the evolution of airspace technology. The collaboration aims to foster continued innovation and deliver novel solutions to the aviation industry.

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