Wi- Fi Alliance Selects melee Wi- Fi 7 Platform for Wi- Fi CERTIFIED 7 Interoperability Certification Test Bed

CommScope( NASDAQ COMM), a global leader in network connectivity, blazoned moment that the Wi- Fi Alliance ® has named a member of the melee ® Wi- Fi 7 AP family for its Wi- Fi CERTIFIED 7 ™ interoperability instrument test bed. The device is the only marketable access point in the test bed to deliver unmatched interoperability for the platform across Wi- Fi CERTIFIED 7 bias and bring advanced Wi- Fi ® performance to the coming generation of connected bias around the world.

“ melee Networks, CommScope has a heritage of setting the standard in Wi- Fi invention. We ’re proud to make on our longstanding relationship with Wi- Fi Alliance to contribute our melee Wi- Fi 7 AP platform as the marketable reference access point in the Wi- Fi CERTIFIED 7 test bed. Our part in this instrument helps to insure that consumers across the globe admit the most dependable, harmonious and secure Wi- Fi experience for the most demanding operations. Above all, this speaks not only to quality and trustability of our bias — from the test bed to the field but also the extent of our leadership in shaping the interoperability of unborn Wi- Fi bias worldwide, ” stated Bart Giordano, SVP and chairman, Networking Intelligent Cellular and Security results, CommScope.

“ We’re happy to have a melee Networks Wi- Fi 7 marketable AP platform as part of our testbed for the Wi- Fi CERTIFIED 7 program. We look forward to the rapid-fire relinquishment of Wi- Fi CERTIFIED 7 across home, enterprise and artificial surroundings, and take pride in easing interoperability among the entire Wi- Fi 7 worldwide device ecosystem. Wi- Fi CERTIFIED bias, similar as those from RUCKUS Networks — a longtime member of Wi- Fi Alliance — help deliver a good stoner experience in the enterprise, ” stated Kevin Robinson, President and CEO, Wi- Fi Alliance.

“ Intel- powered bias with request- leading Wi- Fi results play an important part in a time of unknown demand for capacity, trustability, and performance in the enterprise. With significant advancements in wireless features and performance delivered by Wi- Fi 7, numerous enterprise verticals will enjoy accelerated connectivity, high trustability, wired- like responsiveness, and enhanced sequestration and security with strong interoperability between Intel Wi- Fi 7 bias and the melee Wi- Fi 7 AP, ” stated Eric McLaughlin, vice chairman, customer Computing Group and GM, Wireless results Group, Intel.

“ Congratulations to RUCKUS Networks ’ Wi- Fi 7 AP platform featuring the Qualcomm ® Networking Pro Series platform on being included in the test bed of the Wi- Fi CERTIFIED 7 program by the Wi- Fi Alliance. Qualcomm Technologies is at the van of the Wi- Fi 7 transition, with a growing Wi- Fi 7 ecosystem of mobile, cipher and XR bias, and we’re pleased to see that this program will support interoperability to help insure harmonious perpetration of slice- edge features and drive rapid-fire relinquishment of Wi- Fi 7 technology. We look forward to continuing our long collaboration with melee to deliver exceptional connectivity gests , ” stated Ganesh Swaminathan, vice chairman and general director, Wireless structure and Networking, Qualcomm Technologies,Inc.

The melee Wi- Fi 7 AP platform represents the coming step in Wi- Fi device performance, with extreme pets, low quiescence, and increased capacity to deliver exceptional stoner gests . The platform is farther enhanced by advanced RF technologies similar as melee BeamFlex ® patented smart directional antennas and melee AI ™, which optimize network performance. The melee Wi- Fi 7 AP’s part in the Wi- Fi CERTIFIED 7 test bed ensures that guests worldwide witness the stylish possible interoperability with Wi- Fi CERTIFIED 7 customer bias, moment and for times to come. melee delivers purpose- driven networks that offer the stylish possible performance in the most grueling surroundings of the diligence we serve. With enterprise-wide robotization — and network assurance driven by artificial intelligence( AI) — our mates and guests deliver an exceptional connectivity experience for every stoner and device. When “ good enough ” networking just is n’t good enough, associations turn to melee Networks.

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