100% Fiber Internet Coming to Montclair & West Orange, NJ

Optimum is excited to announce its upcoming deployment of a cutting-edge 100% fiber-to-the-home network in Montclair and West Orange, New Jersey. This initiative will introduce Optimum’s Fiber Internet, TV, and phone services to thousands of residents and businesses in these areas, marking the first time they will have access to Optimum’s premier offerings.

Vic Pascarelli, Vice President and General Manager of Optimum Northeast, expressed enthusiasm about this expansion, highlighting Optimum’s commitment to enhancing connectivity in New Jersey. He emphasized the company’s dedication to delivering reliable and ultra-fast fiber alongside award-winning 5G mobile connections across the state. This initiative aims to provide communities with superior connectivity experiences, ensuring they stay connected to what matters most, whether at home or on the move.

Scheduled to commence by mid-2024, Optimum’s fiber internet services in Montclair and West Orange will offer unparalleled performance. Leveraging the fastest fiber network in the New York tri-state area, users can expect multi-gigabit symmetrical speeds of up to 8 Gig—four times faster than competitors like Verizon. With unlimited data and a remarkable 99.9% network reliability, Optimum ensures uninterrupted connectivity. Moreover, the increased bandwidth caters to multiple devices, while Smart WiFi guarantees seamless coverage throughout the home.

By integrating Optimum Mobile with fiber internet services, customers can enjoy a holistic connectivity solution, providing seamless access both at home and on the go—all from a single provider. Optimum’s endeavor represents a significant stride towards transforming digital experiences and enriching connectivity for communities in Montclair and West Orange.

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