Aalyria Wins Contract with European Space Agency to make O- RAN biddable Orchestration Platform to unleash 5G/ 6GNon-terrestrial Connectivity

Aalyria, a leader in advanced software- defined and optic networking dispatches, has been awarded a development contract with the European Space Agency( ESA), supported by the UK Space Agency( UKSA), to help unleash new 5G/ 6G Terrestrial( TN) andNon-Terrestrial Network( NTN) capabilities. The design aims to develop a first- of- its- kind O- RAN biddable unity system that can sew together distant connectivity means to form largely miscellaneous networks that gauge land, ocean, air, and space to deliver new NTN connectivity features grounded on arising 5G-Advanced and 6G norms. Representing the significance of the collaboration and a commitment to 5G TN/ NTN services, Aalyria has also established a European reality of its business with headquarters in London.

Aalyria’s work with ESA is concentrated on enabling interoperability within and among being and unborn TN/ NTNs, similar as those using satellites, HAPS, and space- grounded means. suturing together these means has proven delicate in the history because, as opposed to fixed, terrestrial bones
,non-terrestrial means are in constant stir relative to the Earth, one another, and implicit druggies – and have traditionally reckoned on bespoke unity systems that aren’t erected for interoperability.

Aalyria is working this problem with its Spacetime platform – an advanced network unity capability that can produce, manage, and remedy mesh dispatches networks that gauge any sphere — land, ocean, air, and space — across any number of dispatches- equipped means, exercising any radio frequence band or optic wavelength. Spacetime considers all factors that could impact the capability of any asset to close a connection and automatically reroutes connections in real- time to maintain optimal connectivity across the entire network. Spacetime is a product- validated platform, having orchestrated complex HAPS networks on Google’s Project Loon in Kenya and Peru. In recent months, Aalyria has struck hookups with Telesat, Intelsat and Rivada Space Networks to use the Spacetime platform.

Working with ESA, Aalyria will acclimatize Spacetime to develop a new TN/ NTN-able Service Management & Orchestration platform and make it available to mates at ESA’s ECSAT 5G/ 6G mecca in Harwell, United Kingdom. Aalyria and ESA will work to identify, apply, and test significant advancements to the O- RAN Alliance’s standardized Radio Access Network operation interfaces( O1, A1, E2) to support unborn use cases, similar as at- ocean connectivity; roving between satellite and terrestrial means; in- flight connectivity; connected vehicles; network operation and optimization; and further.

In addition to the advertisement, Aalyria has also established Aalyria UK – Aalyria’s global 5G TN/ NTN headquarters in London. With a growing platoon of full- time staff now located in the United Kingdom, this new reality represents a significant expansion of Aalyria’s global presence and signifies the company’s commitment to strengthening ties within the United Kingdom’s thriving space assiduity.

Aalyria UK will serve as a mecca for invention, collaboration, and the development of world- class technologies, as the company works to establish Europe as the center of its 5G TN/ NTN business. likewise, Aalyria UK will beget competition and sustainability, not only in the UK, but throughout the European mainland.

Regarding these developments, Aalyria CEO Chris Taylor stated,” This achievement marks a significant corner in Aalyria’s trip towards reshaping the future of space dispatches to produce a new universal connectivity fabric. Our collaboration with the European Space Agency is a testament to our fidelity to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with 5G NTN connectivity. We’re also agitated to introduce Aalyria UK, which will serve as a strategic mecca for our operations in the United Kingdom, fostering new hookups and driving invention in the region.”

Antonio Franchi, Head of Space for 5G and 6G Strategic Programme at ESA, said “ Collaborations with artificial mates, like this bone
with Aalyria, play a vital part in ESA’s sweats to advance the digital metamorphosis of assiduity and society, thanks to the integration of 5G/ 6G Terrestrial andNon-Terrestrial Networks. Establishing flawless ubiquitous and flexible connectivity is vital in the environment of arising technologies. The platform envisaged under this development contract could be a game- changing asset for telecommunications systems, with substantial benefits for stakeholders. ”

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