Abu Dhabi Advanced Technology Research Council Launches’ AI71′ New AI Company introducing Decentralized Data Control for Businesses and Countries

In an period of rapid-fire advances in artificial intelligence( AI), the Abu Dhabi Advanced Technology Research Council( ATRC) is taking another bold step by launching its new AI, AI71. The reality is grounded on the Technology Innovation Institute’s( TII) Falcon generative AI models and will target specializations across multiple disciplines, while offering unknown AI data governance options for companies and countries seeking tone- hosting for lesser sequestration..

The new leading AI company was launched by His Eminence Sheikh bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, in the presence of several ministers and representatives of leading transnational technology companies.

While ATRC’s Technology Innovation Institute developed the Falcon 7B, 40B and 180B large language models( LLMs), it’ll be ATRC’s VentureOne attachment that will bring AI71 to request across multiple disciplines, starting with the medical, education and legal sectors. By enabling access to broad stores of anonymized data across these verticals, which represent a rich and different demographic, AI71 will offer a pivotal differentiator from other serious AI requests of the day, videlicet the largely digitized and comparatively maturee-infrastructure. of the UAE.

At a time when invention frequently exceeds nonsupervisory fabrics, the UAE government’s rapid-fire decision- making frame uniquely positions the new company to influence its responsible AI advances encyclopedically, bypassing lengthy processes frequently associated with similar developments.

Through hookups and cooperation, AI71 will enable guests to emplace their AI models and benefit from access to sophisticated data budgets to insure exceptional generative AI performance. Most importantly, AI71 will enable decentralized data power, which enables guests to maintain control of their own data. This immolation will set new norms for sequestration and security, serving as a differentiator for AI systems where data sovereignty is essential. This is an innovative option for AI availability, particularly for businesses, large pots, and foreign government realities with an interest in icing their data remains private.

AI71 will be grounded on apro-innovation approach that encompasses the total of society and on the premise that AI technology shouldn’t remain in the hands of a many, but be accessible to further people to foster creative invention. The new AI company focuses on incubating Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s credentials as a serious AI contender and, in doing so, motioning the incoming of age of the country’s knowledge frugality.

His Excellency Faisal Al Bannai, Secretary General of the Advanced Technology Research Council, said” In the UAE, cooperation is further than a practice; it’s bedded in our DNA. Our Falcon generative AI models at the heart of AI71, empowers inventors, companies and countries, and grants them autonomy to direct their own data fortune. With access to centralized UAE datasets, the deliberate commercialization of our AI models across different diligence remains a abecedarian element in our AI71 roadmap. As we explore this avenue, we also make a firm commitment to endless open source Falcon AI models, as only by standardizing these precious data coffers will we truly profit all of society.”

AI71’s first slice- edge specializations will be medically concentrated and will seek to transfigure individual and decision- making capabilities by significantly changing the delicacy and time spent with each case.

The education and legal sectors will also gain value from AI integration and advancements, which impact each sphere with different benefits that lead to new results to support social development.

AI71 is cooperating with seven mates across the ecosystem. These encompass the Abu Dhabi Department of Government Capacity Building, which centralizes further than 30 government realities through digitalization; the Office of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, to support broader relinquishment; Global Technology to concertedly develop integrated on- demesne AI results; CNTXT to give data labeling and reflection services; Hub71 to attract and grow technology and AI startups; PwC Middle East to address customer use cases; and AWS to offer calculating power capabilities.

With AI impacting the way we live and work for the foreseeable future, the recently formed company seeks to increase its enterprise immolations in response to assiduity demand and grease the wide prolixity of AI across the frugality. AI71 presents an occasion to lead a radical metamorphosis and drive an AI-first ecosystem in the UAE and beyond.

As AI71 impacts businesses, diligence and governments, VentureOne will introduce new specializations to meet growing demand from different sectors.

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