AIS Business Unveils AIS EEC: Thailand’s First Digital Innovation Center in Digital Valley

AIS Business Unveils 2024-2025 Plan: “AIS Business Digital Evolution: Sustainable Business for a Sustainable Nation. AIS Business, leading in digital technology for Thai businesses, launches its 2024-2025 business plan under the theme “AIS Business Digital Evolution: Sustainable Business for a Sustainable Nation.” The initiative aims to leverage intelligent infrastructures and networks to enhance business capabilities across industries, bolstering Thailand’s competitive edge.

Highlighting this strategy is the introduction of the AIS EEC Business Innovation Center in Thailand Digital Valley within the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). This center will serve as a pivotal hub for technological solutions, facilitating knowledge transfer, testing, and real-world applications to drive digital economic growth.

Mr. Phupa Akavipat, acting Chief Enterprise Business Officer at AIS, emphasized the transformative impact of digitalization amidst global economic challenges, stressing the importance of equipping organizations with digital technologies to thrive.

Key pillars of the strategy include:

  1. 5G Ecosystem: Utilizing AIS’s advanced 5G capabilities, including Network Slicing and Private Networks, to optimize industrial applications. Partnerships with leading companies like Midea Smart Factory underscore AIS’s commitment to innovation.
  2. Intelligent Network and Infrastructure: Providing robust Smart Infrastructure solutions from On-Premises Cloud to Hyper-scale levels. Recognized for excellence, AIS has earned accolades such as Microsoft Partner of the Year – Thailand and leadership in VMware Cloud Services.
  3. AI and Data Analytics: Launching Analytic X for strategic data insights, empowering businesses to capitalize on data-driven opportunities effectively.
  4. Digital Platform and APIs: Offering AIS Open APIs and AIS CPaaS – Communication Platform as a Service, meeting global standards to enhance connectivity and real-time communication solutions.
  5. Industry Transformation: Driving digital adoption across sectors like manufacturing, transportation, SMEs, and government through partnerships and focused initiatives in the EEC region.

The AIS EEC Business Innovation Center serves as a focal point for learning and testing 5G technologies and digital platforms, supporting hands-on experiences for business and industrial transformation. The center is now open for exploration.

AIS continues to invest in digital skills development in collaboration with the EEC Human Development Center and leading educational institutions, ensuring readiness for technological advancements and contributing to sustainable economic growth.

Through these efforts, AIS aims not only to drive economic growth but also to establish a foundation for sustainable development in Thailand’s digital economy, overcoming current and future challenges with innovation and resilience.

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