Brazilian Tech Firm Uses ‘Control Tower’ Satellite Visibility to Address Supply Chain Disruptions

TCTEC Telecom has partnered with Viasat to leverage powerful satellite technology for its Long Range (LoRa) Peer-to-Peer technology, aimed at enhancing vehicle tracking, direct truck-to-truck communication, and alert monitoring capabilities.

Based in Londrina, Southern Brazil, TCTEC Telecom boasts 20 years of experience and operates 81 offices across Brazil. Specializing in satellite connectivity, TCTEC serves diverse clients in both public and private sectors, providing comprehensive IoT solutions that offer real-time supply chain visibility, vehicle monitoring, and fuel auditing to optimize operational efficiency and reduce emissions in the transport industry.

Joining Viasat’s ELEVATE program, TCTEC Telecom gains access to Viasat’s robust satellite connectivity and secure network infrastructure. This collaboration enables TCTEC Telecom to expand its capabilities and integrate seamlessly into Viasat’s ecosystem of partners.

James Grisbrook, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Viasat Enterprise, emphasized the importance of reliable connectivity in the global supply chain market, particularly in regions with extensive rural areas like Brazil. He highlighted ELEVATE as a platform to accelerate innovation and meet increasing demand effectively.

Augusto Machado, IT Director at TCTEC Telecom, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Viasat through the ELEVATE program. He emphasized the opportunity to advance technology solutions and deliver innovative connectivity and communication services.

Machado highlighted ELEVATE as an ideal platform to overcome connectivity challenges, drive technological advancements, and continually innovate to benefit their customers.

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