Grupo Tesacom Partners with Viasat’s ELEVATE Program to Enhance Remote Operations for Industries and Governments

Viasat, a global leader in satellite communications, has announced that Grupo Tesacom, a specialist in satellite IoT solutions in South America, is now part of its ELEVATE program.

ELEVATE serves as a growth platform, ecosystem, and marketplace tailored for ambitious IoT solution providers, enablers, and OEMs seeking to leverage Viasat’s extensive network and capabilities for scaling their operations. As an ELEVATE partner, Grupo Tesacom will deliver advanced satellite communications and technology solutions for industrial operations across Latin America, offering customized voice and data services.

Under this partnership, Grupo Tesacom gains access to Viasat’s global L-band network, enhancing its capacity to support large-scale projects throughout the region. With over two decades of experience, Grupo Tesacom has a strong track record in providing integrated hybrid connectivity solutions, encompassing satellite communication, IoT, software development, and data airtime plans.

Based in Argentina with a regional presence, Grupo Tesacom caters to diverse sectors including energy, mining, oil & gas, logistics, and agriculture. It also serves governmental, defense, and humanitarian organizations, facilitating critical operations in remote areas. Through ELEVATE, Grupo Tesacom will expand its reach and collaboration opportunities within Viasat’s partner network, enabling the development of specialized communication solutions for its clientele.

James Grisbrook, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Viasat Enterprise, emphasized ELEVATE’s role in fostering satellite IoT innovation, supporting partners like Grupo Tesacom to address significant industry challenges with cutting-edge technology solutions.

Juan Pablo Pelizza, VP of Business at Grupo Tesacom, highlighted their commitment to driving technological advancements in Latin America through satellite connectivity, aiming to contribute to economic growth and community development.

Viasat’s ELEVATE program is open to innovative digital products and services across various industries, offering technical guidance, market strategy support, and access to distribution channels to facilitate market expansion.

Providers across agriculture, aid organizations, energy, exploration, media, mining, transportation, utilities, and technology sectors are encouraged to explore membership opportunities within ELEVATE to leverage satellite-enabled IoT solutions effectively.

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