Boost Mobile Network Launches World’s First Nationwide Simultaneous 5G 4x Downlink and 2x Uplink Carrier Aggregation

Boost Mobile has introduced nationwide simultaneous four-carrier aggregation downlink and two-carrier aggregation uplink, significantly enhancing speeds for customers using compatible handsets across its network.

The move to 5G brings improved performance with faster speeds and lower latency compared to previous wireless technologies. Carrier aggregation further boosts the Boost Mobile Network’s capability, offering enhanced speed and capacity nationwide, allowing customers to transmit and receive data more efficiently.

This advancement benefits Boost customers nationwide who own compatible devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S24 family. Recent tests have demonstrated peak speeds reaching up to 1 Gbps.

Eben Albertyn, EVP and Chief Technology Officer of the Boost Mobile Network, highlighted Boost’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries. “As the first network to commercially deploy simultaneous 2x uplink and 4x downlink carrier aggregation, Boost continues to lead in network innovation,” he stated. “We are dedicated to providing our subscribers with the most advanced wireless technology available, delivering an enhanced customer experience through increased speeds.”

Carrier aggregation enables Boost to combine multiple spectrum channels, effectively creating a high-capacity superhighway for data transmission. Boost has integrated 100 MHz of spectrum across four channels, significantly boosting data transfer speeds. Customers using devices from the Samsung Galaxy S24 family will be among the first to benefit from simultaneous 4CC downlink and 2CC uplink capabilities, with more devices slated to follow suit.

Customers eager to experience the high-speed data exchange facilitated by Boost Mobile’s latest technology can visit or to purchase compatible devices like the Samsung Galaxy S24.

The introduction of four-carrier aggregation downlink and two-carrier aggregation uplink marks another milestone for Boost, complementing recent achievements such as the nationwide deployment of 5G Voice or VoNR (Voice over New Radio) to over 200 million Americans and 5G broadband service availability to more than 240 million Americans.

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