BT’s My Campus Uses AI with Degreed for Personalized Learning

BT Group has recently collaborated with Degreed, a data-driven learning specialist, to introduce its AI-enhanced My Campus platform. This initiative aims to offer personalized learning experiences to BT Group colleagues, enhancing their skills and productivity.

Over the past year, BT Group has been gradually implementing My Campus as its primary learning platform. Drawing from various sources such as Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning, and BT Group’s own content repository, My Campus ensures access to top-notch learning materials, including videos, courses, articles, and podcasts. Powered by Degreed’s technology, the platform tailors learning content to individual colleagues based on their roles, interests, and preferences, enabling flexible learning anytime, anywhere.

The soft launch phase has already seen significant engagement, with over 46,000 colleagues from BT Group’s Business, Digital, Networks, and Corporate units actively participating, comprising 42% of the workforce.

The partnership with Degreed streamlines learning within the workday for BT Group colleagues by integrating the platform with MyHR, the company’s consolidated human resources platform powered by SAP’s SuccessFactors. This integration ensures a seamless experience for colleagues, consolidating training records and personal development plans. Additionally, sharing skills data between SuccessFactors and Degreed facilitates talent mobility, enhances workforce planning, and surfaces relevant learning opportunities based on identified skills.

Furthermore, integration with Microsoft Teams optimizes accessibility, allowing colleagues to access learning resources without toggling between different platforms.

Nick Hawkes, HR Technology Director at BT Group’s Digital Unit, emphasized the importance of creating a user-friendly platform that fosters engagement with learning at work. He highlighted the early success of My Campus in delivering personalized learning experiences and expressed excitement about future developments.

David Blake, CEO of Degreed, praised BT Group’s forward-thinking approach, describing the implementation as world-class. He expressed confidence in the platform’s ability to evolve and meet the evolving needs of the workforce.

In summary, BT Group’s collaboration with Degreed signifies a commitment to leveraging AI-driven learning solutions to empower colleagues, enhance productivity, and drive continuous skill development within the organization.

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