Digital Matter Finishes Assessment of Ubilite UBI206 and Places Order for UBI206 Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi Chips

Ubilite Inc. has announced that its UBI206 chip has been chosen by Digital Matter, based in Perth, Australia, for incorporation into its Wi-Fi Indoor Location Products. The Ubilite team engineered the UBI206 Wi-Fi chip to possess power consumption comparable to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), thereby eliminating the need to compromise between rich high data rate applications and power efficiency. This groundbreaking chip architecture was meticulously crafted to achieve ultra-low power consumption while maintaining a small design footprint and requiring minimal external components, resulting in a significantly reduced bill of materials cost.

The UBI206 is a highly integrated single die (SoC) that empowers a multitude of IoT products with minimal external components. It integrates a switchless 802.11b/g/n radio, baseband, medium access controller (MAC), power management unit (PMU), memories, and an RSIC-V network application processor capable of running the Wi-Fi protocol, TCP/IP stack, and the IoT application seamlessly.

Key Features of UBI206:

  • IEEE 802.11/b/g/n
  • Data rate up to 72.2 Mbps
  • Rx Sensitivity: -97.5 dBm
  • Tx Power: +6dBm (P-1dB)
  • Rx Active Power consumption: 9.5mA
  • Tx Active Power consumption: 11.5mA
  • DTIM10 Power Consumption: 38uA*
  • Single supply 1.65V-3.6V
  • 5×5 QFN40 package

Ken Everett, CEO of Digital Matter, expressed, “The excellent performance specifications and design characteristics the Ubilite team achieved in the UBI206, along with the exceptional application support, were pivotal factors in Digital Matter’s selection for our Wi-Fi-based indoor location products.”

Peter Gammel, CEO of Ubilite Inc., added, “We are thrilled that Digital Matter, a global leader in battery-powered IoT asset tracking with a deployment of over 2 million devices across 500 channel partners in more than 120 countries worldwide, has opted for the UBI206 for its new line of battery-powered indoor location products.”

Digital Matter is a prominent global developer of low-power GPS and IoT hardware designed for asset tracking and sensor monitoring applications. Offering a versatile range of LPWAN hardware engineered to excel, Digital Matter provides the largest portfolio of integration-ready battery-powered asset tracking devices across various connectivity technologies. For further details, visit

Established in 2014, UBILITE is a fabless semiconductor company focused on developing Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi Chipsets for IoT applications. UBILITE has developed the market’s lowest power 802.11 Wi-Fi SoC with power consumption lower than Bluetooth. The Ultra Low Power requirements enable extended battery life or the utilization of energy harvesting to enable continuous operation for years.

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