Erecting the Digital Future with Satellite- Enabled Cloud Connectivity Through Microsoft Azure Marketplace

With 2023 nearly behind us, it has been an instigative trip to witness the adding reliance on space and pall to bring network resiliency far and wide and accelerate 5G services to power digital metamorphosis enterprise across satellite connected diligence.

One good illustration of this is our growing relationship with Microsoft which is a testament of how we’re erecting a digital future together by delivering common results, unleashing the eventuality of satellite dispatches( SATCOM), pall, and Private 5G( P5G).
” moment we’re proud to advertise that SES is now available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, with our SES O3b mPOWER Enterprise Pro Connectivity service as a transactable immolation.”
What does this move to the Azure Marketplace mean?
Simply put, Microsoft Azure guests will now have a simple and intuitive way to land the satellite connectivity they need to support their pall services. Azure guests with Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment( MACC) agreements can now diminishment their MACC when they consume connectivity services.

We’re one of the first satellite drivers to enable satellite connectivity procurement through a business channel. Vacuity through Azure Marketplace is yet another hand of ourmulti-year agreement with Microsoft. Other aspects of our integration include

ExpressRoute-over-satellite launch mate
Azure Orbital connectivity mate
Aligning our structure with Microsoft’s in strategic areas. This includes furnishing satellite links that bolster Microsoft’s Express Route devoted pall connectivity service, as well as having five O3b mPOWER satellite ground stationsco-located and aligned with the Azure Orbital Network.
While we’re proud of the progress with Microsoft to demonstrate the power of pall and satellite one- hop connectivity services for guests around the world, we’re indeed more agitated about what’s coming as we continue to grow our collaboration.

working Real- World Challenges Together
pall is a crucial enabler of new digital results that have the eventuality to transfigure enterprises across a wide range of assiduity parts.

” still, the vacuity of the pall depends on the reach of an nimble, dependable network that can connect any position to the pall and extends the pall to any position.”
Together with Microsoft, we’ve successfully supported space- enabled digital metamorphosis furnishing a dependable network to enterprises and governments of all sizes, in any position.

Taiwan, for illustration, demanded to make sure its first askers have dependable access to their pall hosted systems during terrestrial network dislocations. SES, Microsoft, Pegatron and Wave- In Communication demonstrated a private 5G network to the pall, icing that services similar as videotape surveillance and videotape prisoner could still be maintained in times of network time-out. structure on this successful demonstration, we worked together with Pegatron and Microsoft to support the Taiwan Ministry of Digital Affairs and Telecom Technology Center enabling resiliency with Azure Private 5G Core, SATCOM, and pall.

Likewise for a major sporting event in Qatar, SES handed provisory satellite connectivity which included 10 Gbps of bandwidth to support charge-critical operations during the event.

In another illustration, SES, Microsoft and Nokia have demonstrated secure access to the Azure pall platform over private 5G and SATCOM networks for defense associations. structure on this capability, SES and Microsoft will continue to work together to develop new results to serve government guests worldwide. Several of these results involved the Azure for Drivers Private 5G result, which was interoperable with colorful RAN systems and integrated with the Azure pall platform.

A Vision for the unborn
We’re veritably proud to see the progress we have made and the promising developments that SES has on the horizon, similar as the Satellite Dispatches Virtualization Program, which envisions a completely virtualized satellite dispatches ground network and an ecosystem that delivers a range of technologies, from software- defined radios and client edge outstations to new virtual network functions and edge pall operations.

Going forward, we will continue to develop innovative results that combine satellite connectivity, pall services, private 5G and edge computing. Beyond virtualization, our pledge to our guests is our capability to gauge while making it easier for them and our mates to influence the capabilities of the SES- Microsoft collaboration.

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