Particular Pay evolves its benefits program

particular Pay, Personal’s virtual portmanteau, continues to strengthen its value proposition with the end of furnishing people with the stylish connection tool with their plutocrat. In the final stretch of 2023, the time in which the number of druggies doubled( compared to 2022), Personal Pay announces the elaboration of its benefits program those who reach situations 2 or 3 will gain an fresh return on their invested quantum. Specifically, within Level 3, you’ll gain 7 redundant TNA, with a cap of$ 2000 per month, and within position 2, you’ll gain 5 redundant TNA on the invested balance, with a cap of$ 5000 per month.

This new benefit, which marks a discriminational with respect to the request, will be available from January 2024, as a result of the position of consumption reached in December 2023. That is, those druggies who during the last month of the time consume further than 60 one thousand or 130 thousand pesos, numbers that allow them to be part of situations 2 and 3, independently; In January 2024, they will gain this new fresh benefit in the performance of their invested balance.

therefore, Personal Pay reinforces its commitment to supporting the people who most choose the app and its card to connect with their plutocrat, awarding them with benefits, refunds and exclusive abatements.

Up to$ 40,000 per month savings

The novelty of the “ fresh performance ” benefit is added to an update of refunds in particulars similar as Supermarkets, Energy, Fast Food and Delivery, and in Personal Flow products and services, which will allow those who reach position 3 to save up to 40,000 pesos per month This is in addition to the further than 100 benefits, with abatements on further than 60 brands throughout the country.

This means that, in the Supermarkets order, for illustration, those who are in Level 3 and pay with their Visa Personal Pay card will be suitable to enjoy an immediate refund of 25 of the total purchase, with a limit of$ 3,000. This benefit applies to businesses throughout the country registered under this order( consuming from Monday to Thursday) and is accumulated with those offered by associated brands.

further releases of the time

Throughout 2023, Personal Pay presented important new features in its offer that allow people to consolidate their connection with plutocrat, through the app. Between them

results for merchandisers. The “ My Business ” section allows merchandisers and entrepreneurs to collect their deals from a QR law and also pierce the “ Recharge trade ” result that allows them to offer mobile phone recharges. Those who use these results and make deals from 30 thousand pesos will be suitable to pierce benefits similar as 70 refund on Personal Flow checks and up to 50 refund on commissions.
Extra Pay. The first step in the Loans perpendicular allows druggies to pierce an redundant revolving quantum above their available balance, which has no interest during the first 48 hours.
Commercial benefits. The value proposition of the portmanteau can be used by companies throughout the country as a platform for benefits andnon-remunerative payments for their collaborators.
fresh card 13- 17. particular Pay account holders can issue fresh cards for their dependent minors, offering a flexible digital payment system to take the first way in particular finances.

2023, a time of connection of results

With further than1.8 million druggies and further than 28 million deals so far in 2023, Personal Pay consolidated its position as a promoter in the country’s fintech assiduity.
Just 9 months after the launch of the Remunerated Balances result- in March of this time- and with further than 74 billion pesos invested, particular Pay moment constitutes the alternate FCI in the request in volume of finances, offering the stylish rate of return in Argentina.
On the other hand, the portmanteau registered a 4000 growth in the average account balance per stoner and a 460 increase in the average purchase per sale.
further than 10 million recessions made particular Pay a crucial supporter of the frugality of thousands of people.

With the end of continuing to promote fiscal addition in the country, Personal Pay transforms the cell phone into an operations center that connects people with their plutocrat so that paying, transferring, buying, recharging, collecting and carrying returns becomes easier every day.

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