Europe Fibercos & Towercos 2024: 5G & Fiber Network Dynamics

The telecom landscape in Europe is witnessing a paradigm shift with the emergence and growth of Fiberco and Towerco companies. In this Telecom Insider Report, entitled “Fibercos and Towercos: Market Dynamics and Opportunities in Europe,” we delve into the executive-level overview of these entities, exploring their state of play, recent developments, and strategic maneuvers, particularly in light of 5G and fiber network deployments.

Section 1: Fibercos & Towercos Key Models, Drivers and Market Trends in Europe: This section offers a comprehensive insight into the diverse models of Fibercos and Towercos operating within Europe. It outlines the primary drivers fueling the establishment of such entities and sheds light on regional trends shaping the Fiberco and Towerco landscape.

Section 2: Fibercos & Towercos Latest Developments in Europe: Providing an up-to-date overview, this section encapsulates the latest advancements within the Fiberco and Towerco market in Europe. It encompasses noteworthy developments such as telcos segregating their assets into standalone Fiberco/Towerco entities, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, IPOs, and the influx of new market players.

Section 3: Case Studies: Through an in-depth analysis of three selected Fibercos and Towercos, this section offers valuable insights into their inception, growth trajectory, and strategic evolution. By examining both telco-affiliated and independent entities, it provides actionable takeaways for other telecom stakeholders.

  • Towerco Case Study – Cellnex
  • Towerco Case Study – Cornerstone
  • Fiberco Case Study – Nextfibre

Section 4: Key Takeaways and Recommendations: Concluding the report, this section consolidates key insights and offers strategic recommendations for Fibercos, Towercos, telcos, and ISPs. It outlines anticipated market opportunities, growth trajectories, and actionable strategies to navigate the evolving Fiberco and Towerco landscape effectively.


  • As M&A activities slow down, consolidation within the industry intensifies.
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations gain prominence, prompting infrastructure companies to prioritize carbon emission reduction.
  • International players recognize the potential of the European market, endeavoring to enter through acquisitions or partnerships.
  • Expansion into rural areas is observed, aimed at facilitating network rollouts and enhancing service coverage.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Fiberco and Towerco models and drivers in Europe.
  • Explore strategies and investments undertaken by stakeholders to maintain competitiveness amidst market densification and technological advancements.
  • Identify current strategies and future growth opportunities within the Fiberco and Towerco space.
  • Craft tailored strategies and policies to capitalize on opportunities presented by Fiberco and Towerco initiatives, including asset monetization and technology deployment.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Executive Summary
  • Fibercos and Towercos – Key Models, Drivers, and Market Trends in Europe
  • Fibercos and Towercos – Latest Developments in Europe
  • Case Studies: Cellnex, Cornerstone, Nextfibre
  • Key Takeaways and Recommendations

Companies Mentioned: Abertis, Altice, Blue Sites Telco, Boldyn Networks, Bouygues, BT, Cellnex, CityFibre, ConnectiviTree, Cornerstone, EE, Everest Infrastructure Partners, Fiber Telecom, FibreCo, Gigaclear, GIP, GLIL, HoldCo, Iliad, InfraVia Capital Partners, KKR, Liberty Global, MBNL, MIF, NetCo, Nextfibre, Oak Holdings, OnTower Poland.

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