Frontier Introduces App-Based Customer Rewards Program

In a bid to prioritize customer satisfaction, Frontier proudly unveils its inaugural customer rewards initiative, ForMe Rewards. This innovative program, accessible via our user-friendly app, offers Frontier patrons a plethora of enticing giveaways, exclusive deals, and special offers from renowned national brands.

The motivation behind ForMe Rewards is simple yet profound: it’s our heartfelt expression of gratitude to our valued customers. By placing our customers firmly at the heart of our operations, we seek to foster a deeper connection while empowering them to reap the benefits of their loyalty. Moreover, ForMe Rewards serves as a gentle nudge for customers to explore our app for essential information alongside claiming irresistible offers. As they indulge in these rewards, they’re also presented with opportunities to enhance their experience through swift upgrades and enrollment in premium services like YouTube TV, all conveniently accessible through our app.

What sets ForMe Rewards apart is its simplicity and inclusivity. Unlike traditional rewards programs laden with tiers, points, and memberships, ours requires no intricate conditions or secret handshakes. Frontier customers can effortlessly navigate to our app and unlock a treasure trove of rewards awaiting them.

Delving into the specifics, ForMe Rewards caters to diverse preferences, offering rewards that resonate with our customers’ desires. From coveted Frontier speed upgrades to complimentary meals from their favorite eateries, and enticing discounts from esteemed brands such as Best Buy, Samsung, Gap, and Neiman Marcus, there’s something for everyone. Customers have the flexibility to tailor their reward experience by filtering brand categories, ensuring personalized offerings that align with their interests. Whether they’re aficionados of coffee or tech enthusiasts, ForMe Rewards promises to deliver tailored incentives that spark joy.

Reflecting on this groundbreaking endeavor, John Harrobin, Executive Vice President of Consumer at Frontier, shares his enthusiasm, stating, “We know our customers love our internet service, and we want them to know we love them right back.” He emphasizes how ForMe Rewards adds a layer of excitement to customer engagement on our app, further enriching their interaction with Frontier. With an already stellar app experience, we’re now amplifying the allure by providing customers with even more reasons to connect with us.

In essence, ForMe Rewards symbolizes Frontier’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the customer journey. It’s not merely about transactions but rather cultivating meaningful relationships and ensuring that every interaction leaves a lasting impression. As we embark on this journey together, we invite our customers to join us in celebrating this milestone and experience the joy of being appreciated through ForMe Rewards.

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