IBwave Introduces Comprehensive Solution for Streamlined LTE/5G Network Surveys

iBwave Solutions, a leading software provider specializing in in-building wireless network surveys and design, has announced a significant upgrade to its network survey solution by integrating 5G capabilities. This enhancement, implemented in collaboration with Epiq Solutions’ PRiSM Scanner, builds upon the existing LTE and P25 features, making the iBwave Mobile app even more powerful and versatile for network professionals.

Kelly Burroughs, Enterprise Solutions Director at iBwave, emphasized the company’s understanding of the challenges faced by network professionals in the dynamic wireless landscape, especially within the enterprise sector. The integration of the 5G survey module into the iBwave Mobile app and Epiq PRiSM scanner solution addresses these challenges by providing flexibility and simplicity. With this update, customers can effortlessly incorporate the 5G survey module, enabling simultaneous surveys of LTE and 5G networks, thereby saving time and costs. Furthermore, for those in the Public Safety sector, a single scanner now covers P25, LTE, and 5G surveys.

iBwave’s enhanced solution boasts several key features and benefits:

  1. Simplified and Cost-effective Surveying: The Epiq PRiSM scanner, weighing only 6 ounces, seamlessly attaches to mobile devices, integrating with iBwave Mobile. This lightweight and compact solution simplifies survey processes, offering an efficient end-to-end experience that saves both time and expenses.
  2. Multi-Technology Network Surveys: iBwave’s survey solution introduces a breakthrough in versatility, allowing seamless surveys across multiple technologies. Its modular and flexible design caters to the evolving needs of field technicians and enterprise IT teams. The ability to add technologies as needed for simultaneous LTE and 5G surveys provides users with the flexibility they require.
  3. Elimination of Post-Processing Hassles: The combination of iBwave Mobile and Epiq PRiSM scanner streamlines the survey and design experience, enabling users to visualize data within the iBwave Mobile app and iBwave desktop design solution without the need for data transfers. This enhances overall efficiency, saving users time and manual work costs.
  4. Rapid Analysis of Active Frequencies and Interference: Equipped with a spectrum analyzer, the Epiq PRiSM scanner allows users to quickly scan for active frequencies and analyze interference. This feature is crucial for optimizing network performance and addressing potential issues promptly.

iBwave’s seamless surveying experience is designed to empower customers in navigating the complexities of modern wireless networks. This integrated solution caters to diverse network professional needs, providing a lightweight, cost-effective, and powerful toolset that sets a new industry standard.

Burroughs emphasized that the seamless survey solution reflects iBwave’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The benefits delivered by this unique surveying tool are not merely technical enhancements but a testament to iBwave’s dedication to providing a tailored surveying experience that meets customer needs.

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