Intelsat Enhances Palau Connectivity with Dual-Satellite Solution

Intelsat, a leading operator of integrated satellite and terrestrial networks globally, has successfully implemented a groundbreaking dual-satellite connectivity solution tailored for Palau, providing reliable and continuous service to its 18,000 residents spread across nine islands in the main archipelago.

Gaurav Kharod, regional vice president at Intelsat, emphasized the company’s expertise in the Asia-Pacific region, allowing for a customized solution to address Palau’s unique connectivity requirements. “This project exemplifies Intelsat’s dedication to bridging the digital gap and enabling connectivity even in the most remote corners of the world,” Kharod stated.

Prior to this innovative solution, the Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) relied solely on a single undersea fiber-optic cable for all communication needs. However, the vulnerability of undersea cables became apparent when a planned outage in July 2023 disrupted Palau’s link to Guam, possibly due to the effects of Typhoon Mawar. This unforeseen event forced PNCC to restrict international internet access to critical services.

Intelsat’s solution for Palau leverages two geostationary satellites positioned in separate orbital slots, providing unmatched redundancy and adaptability. Through a sophisticated multi-layered design utilizing software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) technology, the two satellites seamlessly integrate for maximum resilience. During outages, critical infrastructure prioritizes C-band connectivity, while the broader population benefits from the increased capacity of the Ku-band. Additionally, this dual-band approach grants PNCC the flexibility to scale Ku-band capacity as needed in the future.

Simon Fraser, CEO of Palau National Communications Corporation, highlighted Intelsat’s suitability as a partner due to their flexibility and experience in serving island nations like Palau.

Beyond ensuring reliable communication, the project has unlocked significant benefits for Palau. PNCC can now extend internet services to previously underserved areas, particularly in Palau’s Southwest islands, opening up new revenue streams. Enhanced connectivity has also catalyzed economic and social development by granting residents access to essential government services, a broader range of entertainment options, telehealth services, and remote educational resources. Moreover, internet access in remote islands fosters stronger connections within families and with the global community at large, driving progress and inclusion in Palau’s society.

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