Iridium Unveils Project Stardust; Developing the Only Truly Global, norms- Grounded IoT and Direct- to- Device Service

Iridium DispatchesInc.( NASDAQ IRDM), a leading provider of global voice and data satellite dispatches, moment blazoned Project Stardust, the elaboration of its direct- to- device( D2D) strategy with 3GPP 5G norms- grounded Narrowband- Internet of effects( NB- IoT)Non-Terrestrial Network( NB- NTN) service development. As a new norms- grounded result, it’ll be stationed on Iridium’s being satellite network giving the company a unique capability to offer both high- quality personal and standardized D2D and IoT services to its guests.
The early stages of programming Iridium’s low- Earth ringing( LEO) satellites offers a special occasion to smartphone companies, OEMs, chipmakers, mobile network drivers( MNO) and related IoT inventors to have their conditions woven into the fabric of the Iridium ® network. Iridium is formerly uniting directly with several of these companies.

” This is an instigative moment for Iridium and is a testament to the inflexibility and capability erected into our satellite constellation,” said Iridium CEO Matt Desch.” The assiduity is moving snappily towards a further norms- grounded approach, and after surveying the field, we set up that we are the stylish deposited to lead the way using our own network, particularly given our true global content.”

Iridium is designing its original NB- IoT immolation to support 5G NTN communicating and SOS capabilities for smartphones, tablets, buses , and affiliated consumer operations. espousing the service will enable device manufacturers to add a satellite connection to standardized bias, take advantage of being, encyclopedically allocated and coordinated Iridium diapason, and give a superior low- quiescence LEO stoner experience. The Iridium network supports roughly 1,300 SOS and exigency( 911 or original) incidents per time, around the world and has readily available systems, processes, and mates to apply this capability for new bias.

Iridium understands the request need for its guests to develop and certify products snappily. Applying our established onboarding processes, chipmakers and NB- IoT inventors can join Iridium’s ecosystem of about 500 mates, and choose a personal, norms- grounded, or binary- result integration approach for added network redundancy. MNOs will have the occasion to be a one- stop shop for ubiquitous content and off- grid use cases, with unmatched assiduity trustability. Iridium mates are supported by a24/7 client support, back office, billing, and provisioning system, each ready to support the new service upon launch.

The Iridium satellite constellation’s completely crosslinked, LEO armature and global L- band diapason provides a competitive service advantage versus other LEO and geostationary satellite networks. pukka to give safety of life services by transnational nonsupervisory bodies, the Iridium network has come the gold standard of trustability and continues to be the only network that provides connectivity far and wide on Earth. Operating in LEO, the Iridium constellation doesn’t suffer from the same line- of- sight limitations, significant power conditions or outages that can affect entire regions from a single satellite as faced by geostationary systems.

The honored leader in satellite IoT and particular dispatches, Iridium has further than two decades of experience and an unmatched mate ecosystem supporting further than2.2 million druggies around the world. As of the third quarter of 2023, Iridium subscribers have grown at a 15 CAGR over the last five times, and the company serves roughly1.7 million IoT guests moment, including about 900,000 particular trackers and satellite couriers for consumer, enterprise, and government operations. Known for its trustability, content, and low power conditions, the Iridium network is an ideal fit for NB- IoT NTN service.

The company is presently working with several D2D and IoT- concentrated companies to understand and incorporate their use cases, conditions, and end- stoner needs into its planned service. The company anticipates testing to begin in 2025, with service in 2026.

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