Keysight Broadens Signal Source Analyzer Range to Encompass Wireless, Radar, and High-Speed Digital Applications

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) is enhancing its SSA-X Signal Source Analyzer portfolio by introducing three new models with higher frequencies: 26.5 GHz, 44 GHz, and 54 GHz. These additions empower radio frequency (RF) engineers with integrated, one-box solutions for phase noise and signal source analysis in advanced wireless communications, radar systems, and high-speed digital applications.

As technological advancements and emerging standards demand increasingly precise signal sources with minimal phase noise and jitter to support higher frequencies and data rates, the testing and evaluation process becomes complex and time-consuming. RF engineers often grapple with intricate setups involving multiple instruments. Furthermore, comprehensive measurements, such as frequency and power transient measurements, spectrum analysis, and the assessment of residual phase noise in active devices, are essential for characterizing signal sources like synthesizers, clocks, and oscillators.

The new higher frequency models of the Keysight SSA-X Signal Source Analyzer series address these challenges by providing an all-in-one platform featuring a pristine signal through direct digital synthesis (DDS) source and proprietary cross-correlation channels.

Key benefits of the new Keysight SSA-X series include:

  1. Integrated, one-box solution: Offers comprehensive signal source analysis, covering phase noise measurement, residual noise measurement, transient measurement, spectrum analysis, network analysis, and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) characterization—all within a single box. The built-in clean signal source operates at up to 54 GHz, facilitating residual noise measurements without additional equipment or re-configuration. Two pairs of local oscillator (LO) output and intermediate frequency (IF) input ports, along with Keysight’s new E5051AW phase noise measurement downconverter/phase detector, enable millimeter-wave phase noise measurements exceeding 54 GHz. Additionally, an optional 2-port vector network analyzer (VNA) eliminates the need for a standalone VNA purchase.
  2. Best-in-class phase noise sensitivity: Provides precise absolute and residual phase noise measurements utilizing extremely low-phase-noise internal LOs and RF sources.
  3. Easy-to-use, flexible software: Facilitates quick, multiple measurements with a single connection and a user-friendly interface. The application software has been enhanced to address diverse measurement needs, encompassing spectrum analysis and precision clock jitter analysis.
  4. Precision clock jitter analysis: Offers accurate random jitter (RJ) and periodic jitter (PJ) measurements in both time and frequency domains. The SSA-X exhibits 20% higher sensitivity than the SSA and boasts 2 femtoseconds sensitivity at 10 GHz for advanced high-speed digital communication applications.

Joe Rickert, Vice President and General Manager at Keysight High Frequency Measurements Center of Excellence, expressed, “The SSA-X series of signal source analyzers provides RF engineers an integrated, one-box solution that offers phase noise and jitter measurement solutions for advanced communications and high-speed digital applications. With the addition of three new models covering frequencies up to 54 GHz, the SSA-X series enables more accurate and higher quality evaluations that accelerate the time-to-market of cutting-edge technologies.”


  • Keysight E5056A SSA-X
  • Keysight E5057A SSA-X
  • Keysight E5058A SSA-X
  • Keysight E5055A SSA-X
  • Keysight phase noise solution

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