Keysight Launches Wireless Test Platform for Wi-Fi 7

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) has unveiled the E7515W UXM Wireless Connectivity Test Platform, a cutting-edge network emulation solution tailored for Wi-Fi®. This platform is designed to facilitate signaling radio frequency (RF) and throughput testing for devices utilizing Wi-Fi 7, which encompasses 4×4 MIMO and 320 MHz bandwidth.

Wi-Fi 7, established by the IEEE as the 802.11be standard, represents the next evolutionary step in wireless communications technology. It boasts significant performance enhancements and improvements compared to its predecessors, Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 6. As a new wireless technology, Wi-Fi 7 necessitates thorough signaling RF and throughput testing on clients and access points (AP) to ensure optimal functionality upon deployment. Existing solutions, however, often entail complex test setups involving a large number of Wi-Fi devices and network channels to emulate real-world operating conditions.

Addressing this challenge, the latest Keysight UXM Wireless Connectivity Test Solution presents RF engineers with a turnkey solution that streamlines Wi-Fi 7 testing, offering unique insights into the physical (PHY) layer and media access control (MAC) layer.

Key benefits of the E7515W UXM Wireless Connectivity Test solution include:

  1. Built on Proven Keysight Metrology: Extends the market-leading UXM 5G Network Emulation Solution to simulate Wi-Fi devices and traffic, covering new use cases based on the latest IEEE 802.11be standards.
  2. Wi-Fi 7 Scale: Emulates hundreds of clients simultaneously – three times more than existing solutions in the market – with traffic simulation, eliminating the need for additional equipment.
  3. Wi-Fi 7 Throughput: Supports Wi-Fi 7 4×4 MIMO 320 MHz bandwidth, conducting Wi-Fi 7 signaling RF and throughput testing on clients and APs, encompassing the latest 802.11 variants.
  4. Deeper Insights: Utilizes analysis software to furnish PHY/MAC-level information such as rate versus range, enhanced Rx sensitivity, radio unit (RU) sweep analysis, and full-rate throughput, generating pertinent Wi-Fi signaling and RF throughput results.
  5. Integrated, Turnkey Platform: Tests more complex devices with 5G and LTE capabilities, ensuring Wi-Fi/cellular interworking validation, as well as integrated fixed wireless access (FWA) testing for the burgeoning customer premises equipment (CPE) market.
  6. Simplified Testing: Offers inherent synchronization, improved repeatability, reduced time spent on cabling and test setup, increased automation, and expedited debugging and reporting.

Mosaab Abughalib, Senior R&D Director and General Manager for Keysight’s Wireless Test Group, emphasized the significance of the E7515W solution. According to Abughalib, this solution expands the market-leading UXM 5G Network Emulation Solutions to cover new use cases from the latest IEEE 802.11be standards. The E7515W solution streamlines test setups, reduces complexity, and enhances load and bandwidth performance, aiding Wi-Fi 7 device makers in accelerating their time to market.

For more information and resources related to the E7515W UXM Wireless Connectivity Test Platform, including product details, videos, application notes, data sheets, solutions, and a white paper on Wi-Fi 7, visit Keysight’s official website. Additionally, a live demonstration can be booked at Mobile World Congress 2024.

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