T-Mobile Chosen for Caribbean Healthcare Wireless by Veteran Affairs

In a significant development, the Veterans Affairs Caribbean Healthcare System, serving Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, has entered into a decade-long agreement designating T-Mobile as its primary wireless provider. This strategic partnership aims to empower healthcare professionals in 15 locations with the cutting-edge capabilities of T-Mobile’s 5G network, ensuring robust connectivity for patient care, telehealth services, and disaster response efforts.

The selection of T-Mobile holds paramount importance as it equips VA healthcare providers and support staff across hospitals and campuses in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands with the advantages of low latency and reliable 5G technology. This comprehensive solution addresses the diverse needs of healthcare professionals and the veterans they serve, while also catering to the connectivity requirements of government and business organizations in the region.

Under this agreement, T-Mobile will furnish wireless lines and mobile internet hotspots to VA healthcare professionals. Additionally, there will be an augmentation of in-building 5G coverage, specifically benefiting the San Juan VA hospital and an outpatient clinic in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

The deployment of T-Mobile’s leading 5G network is anticipated to yield several benefits within the VA healthcare system, including:

  1. Facilitating seamless communication among healthcare providers, patients, and their families, fostering connectivity within and beyond the hospital confines.
  2. Strengthening in-building coverage to bolster the hospital’s capabilities during disaster situations, providing essential services such as medical care, communication facilities, disaster response coordination, and support for affected individuals.
  3. Enabling the implementation of an advanced telehealth solution, facilitating remote medical consultations, enhancing patient care, and broadening access to healthcare services.

Callie Field, President of T-Mobile Business Group, expressed pride in supporting VA healthcare professionals in their life-saving endeavors. T-Mobile’s leading 5G technology, she noted, not only facilitates unique solutions for healthcare partners but also ensures seamless connectivity for relief workers and the broader community in critical situations. This collaboration underscores the transformative impact of 5G technology in healthcare and disaster response scenarios.

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