Lynk Signs Letter of Intent to Come Intimately- Listed, Leading Satellite- to- Phone Company

Lynk Global,Inc.( “ Lynk ”), the world’s commanding satellite-direct- to- standard- phone( “ sat2phone ”) telecoms provider, and SlamCorp.( NASDAQ SLAM), a special purpose accession company( “ Slam ”), moment blazoned that they’ve inked anon-binding letter of intent( “ LOI ”) for a implicit business combination. Under the terms of the LOI, the combined company( the” Combined Company”) would operate as Lynk Global,Inc. and its common stock and clearances are anticipated to be listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “ LYNK ” and “ LYNKW, ” independently.
Lynk was innovated in 2017 by Charles Miller, President and CEO; Margo Deckard, COO; and Tyghe Speidel, CTO. Lynk’s personal technology created the sat2phone order, which encompasses products and services that work mobile phones. It designs, builds, and operates personal “ cell- palace- in- space ” satellites that give direct- to- standard- phone connectivity and global content. Lynk believes it’s the world’s only patented, proven, and commercially certified sat2phone system. Lynk has proven two- way sat2phone connectivity on all seven mainlands, including SMS, exigency cautions, voice calls, and data and is spanning to give ubiquitous service at broadband pets. Lynk mates with wireless providers and mobile network drivers( “ MNOs ”) to deliver connectivity to their guests through their being mobile bias.

” Lynk was created with the charge to connect everyone, far and wide by furnishing affordable connectivity to billions encyclopedically using the phones formerly in their pockets,” stated Lynk CEO, Charles Miller.” In effect, we ’ve created a new order, and our functional technology requires no change to consumers ’ phones while delivering services with immense lifesaving counteraccusations . As a public company, we will have access to lesser capital to take advantage of the satellite-direct- to- device occasion, bringing these services to indeed further people and truly ending the period of the disconnected.”

Alex Rodriguez, Chief Executive Officer of Slam, said,” Lynk has erected a truly global platform that’s set to revise the satellite-direct- to- phone sector. Since Slam’s table, we’ve sought to mate with a company beyond furnishing capital, through functional support, marketable network expansion, and brand modification. Lynk is a perfect fit for our investment criteria. We’re impressed by its innovative technology and proven capability to gauge . The Combined Company is deposited to make a tremendous global impact, potentially furnishing broadband access to billions of people presently underserved by a lack of mobile connectivity.”

Lynk and Slam intend to finalize their definitive business combination agreement( the “ Business Combination ”) in the coming weeks and will advertise fresh details at that time. Grounded on the LOI, the Combined Company is anticipated to be valued at no lower than$ 800 million upon listing, subject to current request conditions. There can be no assurance that a definitive agreement will be entered into or that the proposed sale will be perfected on the terms or timeframe presently contemplated, or at all.

Lynk Investment Highlights

personalized and Proven Technology

Lynk believes it’s the world’s only patented, proven, and commercially certified satellite-direct- to- standard- phone system.
Lynk technology is compatible with any unmodified cellular device from 2G to 5G, and deposited for comity with unborn generations of bias.
Successfully launched three marketable satellite cell halls in space and has begun operations in four countries.
Lynk’s technology has been tested and proven in over 25 countries and on all seven mainlands.
Lynk has inked 35 marketable contracts to give content in roughly 50 countries.
seductive Satellite Dispatches Market Opportunity

Satellite dispatches represent roughly$ 14 billion of the broader global connectivity request valued at further than$ 1 trillion annually, growing at a 12 CAGR through 2030 to roughly$ 35 billion.1
Satellite-direct- to- device is a new order within satellite dispatches that judges estimate could grow to come “ the largest occasion in satcom’s history. ” 2
roughly 750 million of the5.4 billion being mobile phone druggies aren’t connected on average at any point in time due to being in” content black spots.”
Traditional mobile cell content is limited by the economics of structure and operating traditional ground- grounded cell halls, making it cost- prohibitive to expand mobile cell content into remote areas lacking content.
Satellite cell halls are roughly four orders of magnitude lower in operating expenditure per forecourt afar than traditional ground- grounded cell halls. This allows satellite cell halls to affordably fill in black spots and lower the pricing of ground- grounded cell halls.
Clear Growth Line with MNOs

Lynk mates with MNOs around the world to offer 100 geographic content in their home by integrating seamlessly with their being network.
Lynk believes sat2phone services could drive 40 top- line growth in the mobile wireless request from moment’s$ 1 trillion per time to$1.4 trillion annually.
These estimates represent$ 150 billion annually from “ far and wide connectivity ” for the5.4 billion being mobile guests, and roughly$ 250 billion annually from new guests who buy their first mobile device formerly guaranteed content is in place.
Endured and Proven Management

Lynk leadership represents the stylish of the space, telecoms, and satellite diligence.
normal of 32 times of experience in the space and telecoms diligence, in both the public and private sectors.
Three Lynkco-founders lead the c- suite.
Personal network of counsels with deep moxie and experience across satellite, telecoms, and technology diligence.

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