O2 & Samsung Introduce Open RAN in Germany

O2 Telefónica and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. have jointly unveiled their inaugural virtualized RAN (vRAN) and Open RAN commercial site in Germany, marking a significant milestone in telecommunications advancement. This pioneering deployment of Samsung’s 5G vRAN solution within a commercial network in Germany is operational in Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, delivering robust 4G and 5G services.

The strategic partnership between O2 Telefónica and Samsung, announced in October 2023, laid the groundwork for this momentous achievement. Following rigorous testing phases, the collaboration has now transitioned from laboratory experimentation to real-world implementation, with plans to expand the vRAN and Open RAN network to seven additional sites in the region, enhancing the Open RAN footprint.

Mallik Rao, Chief Technology & Information Officer of O2 Telefónica, emphasized the significance of this venture, stating, “We are taking another big step in our Open RAN journey. Together with Samsung, we are utilizing the latest Open RAN technologies in our mobile network.” He highlighted the integration of new network solutions aimed at providing customers with exceptional connectivity while paving the way for network automation and enhanced flexibility.

Junehee Lee, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Sales & Marketing, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, expressed pride in Samsung’s role as a key partner in O2 Telefónica’s transformative journey, stating, “Samsung is setting new standards for excellence in the telecommunications industry with our innovative vRAN and Open RAN capabilities.”

The adoption of Open RAN and vRAN technologies offers greater flexibility and automation, enabling network operators to optimize network efficiency and introduce new services swiftly. O2 Telefónica’s embrace of these modern RAN technologies underscores its commitment to building a future-proof network architecture capable of supporting emerging 5G applications.

Samsung’s advanced network solutions, including its market-leading 4G and 5G vRAN 3.0 solution and O-RAN compliant radios, have played a pivotal role in the successful deployment. Leveraging Samsung’s expertise and pre-validated ecosystem, O2 Telefónica has expedited the rollout process, with plans to introduce intelligent network automation solutions for seamless life cycle management.

This collaboration between O2 Telefónica and Samsung exemplifies a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in telecommunications, laying the foundation for a new era of connectivity in Germany and beyond.

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