Ooredoo & e& Upgrade Middle East Submarine Network with Gulf Gateway Cable 1 (GGC1)

Ooredoo Group, a prominent multinational telecom and infrastructure firm, has forged a strategic alliance with e&, a leading global technology group, to implement cutting-edge subsea technology for the Gulf Gateway Cable (GGC1) system. This collaboration aims to revolutionize international connectivity, reduce latency, and enhance reliability by linking Data Centers in Abu Dhabi and Doha.

The deployment of GGC1 marks a substantial expansion of network capacity, empowering Ooredoo and e& to deliver high-capacity services of up to 28 Tbps while optimizing cost and power efficiency per bit. This advancement facilitates scalable solutions to address escalating bandwidth demands and fortify network resilience.

Najib Khan, Group Chief Business Services Officer at Ooredoo, expressed excitement about the partnership with e& for the GGC1 system deployment, emphasizing its significance in modernizing submarine networks in the Middle East. He highlighted the commitment to enhancing customer experiences through state-of-the-art technology, asserting that GGC1 will ensure superior international connectivity and reliability, solidifying Ooredoo’s leadership in the telecom and infrastructure sector.

Nabil Baccouche, Group Chief Carrier and Wholesale Officer at e&, highlighted the investment’s role in modernizing and upgrading submarine and terrestrial networks connecting the UAE to Qatar. He underscored the capacity enhancements achieved while optimizing space and power consumption. Baccouche emphasized the future-proof nature of the technology deployed, positioning e& and Ooredoo as key players in the global wholesale market. He emphasized their commitment to developing infrastructure that connects regions and continents, offering customers unparalleled performance and resilience.

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