PLDT partners with stc Group to boost global voice services

PLDT, the leading fully integrated telecommunications company in the Philippines, has joined forces with stc Group, a prominent player driving digital transformation in the MENA region, to revolutionize international voice services. This strategic partnership aims to provide seamless communication solutions for Filipinos residing abroad and Enterprise clients, with a particular emphasis on enhancing connectivity for the Filipino diaspora and frequent travelers.

Under this collaboration, stc Group becomes the exclusive international voice traffic aggregator for PLDT and Smart, drawing on its extensive 25-year expertise in wholesale voice traffic aggregation. Leveraging its globally renowned business partnerships, cutting-edge infrastructure, and expansive international networks spanning Europe, Africa, and Asia, stc Group is poised to deliver unparalleled service quality.

Albert V. Villa-Rea, President and CEO of PLDT Global, underscored the significance of this collaboration in ensuring top-notch call quality, especially for Filipinos connecting with their loved ones in the Philippines. He emphasized that this partnership aligns with PLDT’s overarching mission of empowering communities through reliable and cost-effective telecommunications services, promising an exceptional customer experience.

Advanced technologies will be deployed to address common issues such as call drops and voice distortion, promising an enhanced communication experience for users. Eng. Mohammed Al-Abbadi, stc Group’s Carrier & Wholesale Officer, emphasized the shared values and vision between stc Group and PLDT, highlighting this collaboration as a significant milestone in creating a resilient global communications ecosystem.

This partnership not only signifies the commitment of both entities to meet the evolving needs of the digital community but also underscores stc Group’s dedication to expanding its product offerings and leveraging Saudi Arabia’s strategic location as a hub connecting East and West.

By delivering world-class communication services, stc Group and PLDT aim to bridge the communication gap between Filipinos living abroad and their families back home, ultimately enriching lives through seamless connectivity.

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