Quebecor Urges Updated Measures Following CRTC Ruling on TELUS Wireless Network Access Rates

Quebecor expresses disappointment with the recent arbitration decision by the CRTC regarding the rates for accessing TELUS’ wireless network under the MVNO regime.

In response to this decision, Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and CEO of Quebecor, stated:

“We are taken aback by the CRTC’s stance, which appears to restrict Canadians’ options for accessing innovative wireless plans at more favorable prices. The rates set for MVNOs and regulated domestic roaming fail to align with the current dynamics of the industry and are among the highest globally. This contradicts the Government of Canada’s aim to enhance affordability in wireless services, as outlined in its policy. Today’s ruling undermines this objective.

The significant increase in our operational costs resulting from this decision renders our operations unsustainable. Consequently, we are compelled to reassess our pricing strategies and expansion plans across certain regions of Canada. For instance, we regret having to postpone the launch of data-rich plans in Manitoba, where we were on the verge of introducing our services.

Unfortunately, this situation will create a disparity among Canadians: those in areas covered by Freedom’s network will benefit from robust competition, while others will miss out on the advantages of our presence as Canada’s fourth mobile carrier.”

Key Points:

  • The wireless component of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) witnessed a 26.2% decline between March 2023 and March 2024, largely attributable to the efforts of Videotron, Fizz, and Freedom Mobile.
  • According to the latest CRTC report, average mobile data traffic in Canada surged by nearly 251% from 2019 to 2023.
  • Regulated domestic roaming rates in Canada are up to six times higher compared to Europe.

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