Quectel Launches RG255C-GL RedCap 5G Module

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a leading provider of IoT solutions worldwide, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the RG255C-GL 5G RedCap Sub-6 GHz LGA module. This cutting-edge module, built on Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s Snapdragon® X35 baseband chipset, brings unparalleled 5G and 4G coverage to users globally, revolutionizing wireless communication.

Designed to adhere to 3GPP Release 17 standards, the RG255C-GL boasts a compact LGA form factor measuring 32.0mm x 29.0mm x 2.4mm. With lightning-fast data rates of 223 Mbps downlink and 123 Mbps uplink, it caters perfectly to applications like CPEs, MiFi, Routers, Gateways, and Industrial PDAs. Moreover, its support for LTE Cat 4 and 5G Sub-6 SA mode ensures seamless integration with Rel-15 and Rel-16 networks, enhancing versatility and ease of deployment.

What sets the RG255C-GL apart is its compatibility with Quectel’s EG2x series modules, catering to diverse application demands for medium speed, large capacity, low latency, and high reliability. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for integrating into various device applications.

Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO of Quectel Wireless Solutions, emphasized the significance of the RG255C-GL in unlocking the potential of 5G technology while minimizing costs and power consumption for customers. He highlighted its role in enabling diverse IoT applications with worldwide 4G and 5G coverage, along with ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) and network slicing capabilities.

The RG255C-GL is engineered for the global market, providing extensive coverage across mainstream carriers worldwide. Equipped with Qualcomm® IZat™️ location technology, it offers enhanced GPS, GLONASS, BDS, and Galileo positioning functionalities, ensuring accurate and speedy positioning for users.

With a wide array of interfaces including USB 2.0, PCle 2.0, PCM, UART, SGMII, and SPI, alongside comprehensive driver support, the RG255C-GL is suitable for a wide range of RedCap applications, offering unmatched versatility and ease of integration.

Security is paramount in Quectel’s IoT modules, with rigorous measures integrated throughout the development process. From product architecture to firmware/software development, Quectel adheres to industry best practices and standards, collaborating with third-party independent test houses to mitigate risks and ensure robust security measures.

The RG255C-GL RedCap module will be available alongside a series of antennas, simplifying the purchasing process for developers and reducing time to market. Attendees of Embedded World can explore the RG255C-GL 5G RedCap module at the Quectel stand, booth number 3-318, to discover more about its revolutionary features and capabilities.

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