Rogers Completes First Network Slicing Trial in Canada 

Rogers Communications has successfully conducted the inaugural nationwide live test of 5G network slicing technology in Canada, marking a significant milestone in the deployment of this cutting-edge technology. Network slicing transforms the traditional single-lane approach to wireless traffic by creating multiple lanes or slices, each tailored to enhance performance for specific 5G applications.

In collaboration with Ericsson, Rogers implemented the test across major cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, utilizing the national standalone 5G core network launched in 2022 – a pioneering initiative in Canada. Network slicing enables dedicated slices or lanes with distinct features, such as low latency, high precision location, high speed, or high capacity, catering to the unique requirements of various applications.

For instance, Public Safety agencies can benefit from their dedicated network slice, ensuring constant and clear communication with first responders during emergencies. Similarly, at events like concerts, businesses can utilize one network slice for low-latency live streaming and another with high capacity to provide congestion-free mobile connections for attendees.

Ron McKenzie, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Rogers, emphasized the company’s unparalleled advantage with a truly national radio access network, offering consistency and reliability for mission-critical applications across the country. Network slicing will play a pivotal role in advancing services for public safety, residential, and business sectors, providing more focused and reliable support for essential applications.

Rogers plans to implement network slicing this year by dedicating a lane for first responders to prioritize their network access. Additionally, the technology will be utilized to segregate fixed and mobile traffic on the national 5G network, facilitating the expansion of 5G Wireless Home Internet to remote and rural communities in Canada. This strategic use of network slicing aims to optimize and dedicate traffic flows, ensuring a more consistent and reliable service for both residential and mobile users.

The successful deployment of 5G network slicing is part of the ongoing multi-year partnership between Rogers and Ericsson, with the latter continuing to provide industry-leading 5G solutions. This announcement underscores Rogers’ commitment to delivering top-notch networks to Canadians and nurturing a thriving made-in-Canada 5G ecosystem. As Canada’s largest and most reliable 5G network, covering over 2,200 communities, Rogers has consistently received accolades, including being awarded the best wireless network in Canada for the fifth consecutive year by umlaut in 2023. The company also remains dedicated to investing in 5G research partnerships with esteemed institutions like the University of British Columbia and the University of Waterloo.

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