Semtech Leads 6G Innovation from Advanced 5G Tech

Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC), renowned for its cutting-edge semiconductors, IoT systems, and cloud connectivity services, has unveiled its latest advancements poised to revolutionize the landscape of 5G technology and lay the groundwork for 6G networks. By showcasing its Tri-Edge™ GN2256 tailored for 50G DWDM applications alongside its extensive 5G wireless portfolio, Semtech is spearheading innovation in the telecommunications sector, propelling the global shift towards next-generation networks and a more interconnected world.

Recent insights from Ericsson underscore the pivotal role of DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology in amplifying network capacity. DWDM ingeniously multiplexes multiple wavelengths through a single optical fiber, maximizing data throughput and addressing the critical issue of fiber scarcity while meeting the escalating demand for data transmission. Semtech leads the charge in this technological domain, crafting chips that bolster the performance and bandwidth capabilities of DWDM systems. These advancements are pivotal in constructing telecommunications networks that are not only scalable but also adept at accommodating the exponential surge in data traffic, laying the groundwork for future-proof digital infrastructure.

The Tri-Edge CDR IC, tailor-made for the burgeoning 50Gbps DWDM market, stands as a beacon of innovation, supporting EMLs, MZM lasers, and Silicon Photonic Optics. This underscores the GN2256’s pivotal role in shaping the future of high-speed data transmission. With its state-of-the-art capabilities, the GN2256 has swiftly emerged as the industry standard, facilitating advanced 5G architectures and emerging as the preferred solution among partners. This marks the dawn of a new era of connectivity, promising unparalleled efficiency and reliability for the telecommunications networks of tomorrow.

At the forthcoming OFC exhibition, Semtech is poised to showcase the capabilities of the Tri-Edge GN2256, a standout demonstration at booth #5301. This exhibit will feature the integration of Sumitomo Electric’s 50Gbps EML into a SFP56 50Gbs DWDM module for O-band, representing a significant leap forward in adopting high-speed, cost-effective optical solutions. This collaborative effort underscores Semtech’s commitment to advancing optical communication technologies within the MOPA (Mobile Optical Pluggable Alliance) community, where Semtech and Sumitomo Electric proudly serve as founding members. James Kannan, Leader of the Metro/Access Segment at Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, highlighted, “With Semtech’s Tri-Edge CDR IC and Sumitomo’s Electric EML, we can achieve excellent link sensitivity at up to 1354nm wavelength, which enables us to aggregate 48ch with 100GHz spacing in O-band.” This collaboration streamlines low-cost adoption and rapid implementation for customers.

Raza Khan, Director of Marketing, Wireless at Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group, expressed, “We are proud to be the selection of choice for new technology solutions and real industry use-case problem-solving solutions that will enable the path to 5G-A and 6G. We expect the market need for 50Gbps modules to start deployment towards the end of 2024 with the introduction of 5G-A baseband systems and complex massive MIMO radio units.”

This development holds strategic importance, contributing directly to bridging the digital divide, fostering economic growth, and enabling innovative services in underserved areas. Semtech is dedicated to advancing telecommunications technology inclusively, sustainably, and with a forward-looking approach, ensuring that the benefits of 5G-A and 6G are accessible to all, regardless of geographical or infrastructural constraints.

From bidirectional 50Gbps PAM4 CDR with integrated drivers to 50Gbps linear PAM4 TIAs, Semtech leads in delivering foundational technologies necessary for the global transition to 5G and beyond. Visit the Semtech booth #5301 at OFC for live demonstrations of these exciting use-cases.

Semtech’s 5G wireless Tri-Edge CDR portfolio includes:

  • GN2255: Bidirectional 50Gbps PAM4 CDR with Integrated DML Driver
  • GN2256: Bidirectional 50Gbps PAM4 CDR with Integrated EML / MZM Driver

Semtech’s 5G wireless FiberEdge TIA portfolio includes:

  • GN1300: 24-28Gbps TIA for PIN ROSA applications
  • GN1400: 24-28Gbps TIA for APD system applications
  • GN1700: 50Gbps linear PAM4 TIA
  • New – GN1796: 4x25GB linear TIA for 100G ZR Coherent Lite
  • New – GN1740: 4x25GB driver for 100G ZR Coherent Lite

Semtech’s comprehensive 5G wireless ClearEdge® CDR portfolio includes:

  • GN2152: Bidirectional 24-28Gbps CDR with Integrated DML Driver
  • GN2146: Bidirectional 24-28Gbps CDR with Integrated EML / MZM Driver
  • GN2154: Bidirectional 24-28Gbps CDR with Integrated SE EML Driver
  • GN2504C: Unidirectional Quad 25-28Gbps CDR
  • GN2148: Single 24-28Gbps CDR with Integrated VCSEL Driver
  • GN2149: Single 24-28Gbps CDR with Integrated TIA

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