MatSing Lens Antennas Boosting March Madness Connectivity!

MatSing, the trailblazer and leader in high-capacity lens antenna technology, has proudly disclosed that all five venues hosting the final stages of the ongoing March Madness 2024 NCAA men’s basketball games are powered by its cutting-edge multibeam lens antenna solutions, catering to both 4G LTE and advanced 5G mobile connectivity. These venues include the American Airlines Center, Arena, Little Caesars Arena, State Farm Stadium, and TD Garden, collectively serving as the backdrop for the Sweet Sixteen, Final Eight, Final Four, and National Championship games.

In an era where technology significantly enhances the game-day experience, spectators at these venues can relish in seamless connectivity, allowing them to share their moments, stream content to their social media platforms, keep track of March Madness brackets, and conveniently order food and beverages within the premises. Moreover, the imperative need for comprehensive connectivity extends to ensuring access for first responders, underlining the critical role of a robust mobile infrastructure in upholding public safety standards.

Bo Larsson, CEO of MatSing, commented, “The evolving technological expectations of fans exert considerable pressure on venues to deliver unparalleled game-day experiences. Our objective is to assist carriers and venues worldwide in meeting these demands, and we are delighted to contribute to major events like March Madness. Leveraging our lens antennas, which consistently outperform other antenna technologies, our clientele, spanning carriers, venues, and neutral-host operators, increasingly embrace our innovative solutions. As the connectivity requirements during mega-events surge exponentially, we take pride in offering our forward-looking multibeam lens antenna solutions capable of seamlessly scaling to meet escalating capacity demands at these venues.”

MatSing’s lens antennas leverage patented lightweight meta-materials and a distinctive design to offer high-sectorization, optimize spectrum utilization, and deliver superior network performance from a minimal number of antenna installations. As fans rally behind their beloved NCAA teams in the climactic stages of March Madness, they can anticipate an immersive, fully connected venue experience facilitated by MatSing’s cutting-edge technology.

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