Singtel and Google Partner to Introduce First-of-its-kind Rich Communication Services for Singapore Businesses

Singtel has recently unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with Google to introduce Rich Communication Services (RCS) with Rich Business Messaging for its business clientele, marking a pioneering move in Singapore. Google’s RCS represents a significant evolution in conventional short messaging services (SMS), offering Android-operated smart devices the capability to receive high-quality multimedia content and perform various administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments or monitoring deliveries.

Leveraging Singtel’s extensive nationwide network, RCS seamlessly integrates into the native SMS application of Android smart devices, requiring no additional action from users. This integration opens up new possibilities for businesses across diverse sectors to enhance customer engagement through an elevated and immersive mobile messaging experience. The anticipated availability of RCS services for Singtel’s business customers in Singapore is set for the first quarter of 2024.

Mr. Terence Lai Tuck Leong, Vice President of Digitalisation, Products, and Partnerships at Singtel Singapore, highlighted the collaboration’s significance, stating, “Through this collaboration, we’re providing businesses a powerful communication tool that will help them provide richer content and improve the quality of their engagements with their customers, thereby strengthening their relationships. It will also support their innovation and digital transformation efforts in line with expectations from customers who are increasingly savvy and seeking smoother, frictionless interactions with their service providers.”

Mr. Jason Choy, Director of Android & Business Communication Product Partnerships, International at Google, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, saying, “We are pleased to collaborate with Singtel to bring RCS Business Messaging to users in Singapore. As Asia’s leading communications technology group, we believe that Singtel can provide reliable telecommunication solutions to business players, including support for RCS. We hope this service will support digital transformation in various types of businesses and open new opportunities for future business innovation.”

Singtel, known for its array of cost-effective and scalable communication and collaboration products, is poised to assist modern enterprises in navigating the dynamic digital business landscape. From business telephony and integrated communication services to cutting-edge platforms for audio/video conferencing and virtual meetings, Singtel’s solutions aim to create a seamless communications experience for businesses of any size.

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