Singtel and Hitachi Digital Collaborate to Advance Industrial AI Solutions

Singtel, a prominent communications technology group in Asia, and Hitachi Digital, representing Hitachi’s extensive range of digital transformation services and technology capabilities, have announced a strategic collaboration. This partnership aims to integrate Hitachi’s deep AI expertise with Singtel’s Paragon platform, an integrated orchestration platform for 5G, edge computing, and cloud services.

Hitachi Digital plans to deploy Paragon initially at Hitachi Americas’ Santa Clara R&D Labs, followed by a pilot implementation in a U.S. factory focusing on Industry 4.0 use cases. The pilot project seeks to validate the compatibility of Hitachi’s AI applications in areas such as quality assurance, workplace safety, immersive training, and predictive maintenance on the Paragon platform. This initiative will also facilitate the integration of Paragon with Hitachi’s industry cloud applications and digital services, enabling enterprises to overcome challenges related to complex, low-latency connectivity and enhance productivity.

Combining Hitachi’s pre-built Industrial AI applications with Paragon’s network and multi-cloud orchestration capabilities, the collaboration aims to develop a range of Paragon-related solutions. These offerings will assist clients in enhancing and accelerating their cloud operations. Hitachi Digital Services will subsequently market these solutions as an authorized System Integrator for Singtel Paragon, providing a unique value proposition to enterprise customers seeking to leverage diverse network protocols for digital transformation in industrial settings.

Mr. Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel’s Digital InfraCo, commented, “Enterprises in the rapidly growing Industry 4.0 sector rely on high-quality, reliable connectivity for seamless operations. We are pleased to partner with Hitachi Digital to leverage Paragon in managing connectivity and cloud requirements across Hitachi’s manufacturing facilities. Integrating Hitachi’s advanced AI applications with Paragon’s ecosystem will enrich our suite of solutions for manufacturing enterprises, empowering them to seamlessly transform their operations through AI.”

Mr. Frank Antonysamy, Chief Growth Officer at Hitachi Digital, added, “Hitachi has made significant investments in combining decades of expertise in digital, data, cloud, AI, cybersecurity, and connectivity to deliver transformative solutions for Industry Cloud deployments. Our applications and consulting services have been integral to global digitalization efforts. This partnership with Singtel is expected to further enhance next-generation technology capabilities in enterprise environments, driving new levels of productivity for our customers.”

Industrial 5G deployments have historically been challenging due to complex and fragmented solutions. The integration of AI further complicates these scenarios. Singtel Paragon addresses these challenges by enabling rapid deployment of edge computing and AI securely on telco infrastructure, reducing time-to-market and accelerating innovation.

The collaboration between Singtel and Hitachi promises to deliver interoperable solutions coupled with expert delivery services, offering significant benefits to organizations tackling the complexities of industrial AI adoption.

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