Sirius XM Debuts The Andy Richter Call-In Show

SiriusXM has announced the launch of “The Andy Richter Call-In Show,” featuring actor, comedian, and writer Andy Richter, celebrated by Esquire as “one of the best podcast hosts on the air right now.” Premiering today at 4pm ET/1pm PT, the show will air weekly on Conan O’Brien Radio (ch. 104) and the SiriusXM app.

Having engaged in countless late-night TV conversations with entertainment luminaries, Andy Richter now brings his favorite after-hours discussions to SiriusXM, with listeners invited to join in as guests. Each episode of “The Andy Richter Call-In Show” will prompt callers to share their thoughts on intriguing topics such as paranormal encounters, memorable job experiences, and first crushes.

Joining Richter are a lineup of esteemed comedians and friends, including Sona Movsesian, Andy Daly, Nicole Byer, and Laurie Kilmartin, who will add their own comedic flair and personal anecdotes to the mix.

“I’m excited to connect with listeners and guests on SiriusXM, bringing a lot of fun to the airwaves,” Richter remarked. “This show promises to be a blast, and I can’t wait to dive in.”

Jim McClure, Vice President of Talk & Comedy Programming at SiriusXM, highlighted Richter’s established rapport with audiences and expressed anticipation for the show’s interactive format. “Andy’s ability to engage with both celebrities and listeners has been well-received,” McClure stated. “With this call-in show, fans can now directly participate in the conversation. We’re thrilled to facilitate this connection and share the experience with everyone.”

Listeners interested in participating can submit their inquiries via the show’s Google Form at BIT.LY/CALLANDYRICHTER or call 855-266-2604.

New episodes of “The Andy Richter Call-In Show” will premiere exclusively for SiriusXM subscribers every Wednesday at 4pm ET/1pm PT on Conan O’Brien Radio (ch. 104) and the SiriusXM app. Episodes will later be available on the “Three Questions with Andy Richter” podcast feed.

Eligible subscribers can enjoy their first three months of SiriusXM streaming for free. Click here to sign up and explore all that SiriusXM has to offer.

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